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eta for indian citizens ?

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by mrpannu100, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Hi
    I am pgwp holder ( issued before Aug 2015). Next month i want to visit india and come back after 2 weeks.
    I think i need to get eta. So i tried to apply. But after asking me 2 questions ( country of citizenship and if i am US green card holder )it says,"
    Not eTA-eligible
    Based on your answers, for the purpose of your current travel, you may be eligible for a visa to visit Canada."
    I am confused,
    Do i really need eta ?
    if yes then how can i get ?
  2. HI

    NO, you have to apply for a TRV (if you don't have on already) Only visitor visa exempt tourists require ETAs
  3. isint they postpone ETA implementation ?
  4. Hi

    1. There is a 6 months grace period, but I wouldn't count on the airlines staff knowing about it.
  5. Hello Sir,

    I am Deepak Rana from Mumbai, India. I am Indian citizen. For regarding job in field the one guy who cheated me that he will provide me job in Canada. I have submitted my passport to them. After some days he provided me approved eta of Canada which will expired in 2022. I just check this approved eta in Canada embassy in Mumbai, they replied that this eta is approved but the guy who provided me job offer of Canada, Manitoba he is fake. This eta connected with passport for five years.

    Can you tell me about if I need to apply job in Canada what is my first steps or with this approved eta can I travel to Canada as tourist. Or still I need Canada tourist visa to travel there?
  6. A genuine ETA can only be issued to visa exempt passport holders not an Indian passport holder which is why am surprised you say the embassy implied it was a genuine issue.
  7. Did you got ETA visa?
  8. Hi

    1. Read the previous post, an Indian citizen is not eligible for an ETA
  9. Yes!!!
    But my agent said to pay me 1Million Rupees for visa, guarantee he said..
  10. It's a scam. But it's your money. If you want to throw it away and get nothing in return - go ahead.
  11. It's a scam. Agents cannot guarantee visas even if you pay INR 100 million
  12. I am from Bangladesh. I have got eta approved. but I have no idea.after eta approved what should. what is documents require to go Canada. anyone can help me.how can I get next information.
  13. Your post is confusing. Do you hold a US green card? Bangladeshi citizens don't qualify for an eta unless they hold a green card.
  14. Dear sir

    I am indian passport holder i can able to apply ETA ?
  15. Do you have a US green card? If you don't have a green card then you cannot apply for an eTA. You must apply for a TRV

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