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Error uploading IMM5257 (Visa Application Form)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ict18, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Hi guys

    My mom is applying for a tourist visa to come visit me to Canada. She filled, validated and signed the IMM5257 form, but when she tries to upload it to the IRCC website, she gets the following message:

    Error: The form you have uploaded was not accepted.
    Error description: Please ensure you download the latest form from the IRCC website, complete the form using Adobe Reader, validate and upload again.

    She downloaded the form again and repeated the same process just in case, but she's still getting the same message when trying to upload the form.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. How did she sign the form? Did she print it out?
  3. Yes, she did. Is she supposed to sign it electronically?
  4. Yes. She cannot sign that form by hand. Has to be done digitally.
  5. It won't let her. The pdf lets her fill everything else but the signature. Any idea why?
  6. Once you upload everything on mycic and click submit, there will be a prompt from cic that lets you type your name which means you are signing your forms digitally.
  7. Guys I need an advice,
    I am trying to apply from Canada for new TRV and not sure what should I answer on Form IMM5257e question number 3. Available funds during your stay? How much money should I put since I am already in Canada on valid work permit?
  8. Hi everyone. I filled-up the application form today. My question is, do I:
    1. Click "validate" and have the form printed and signed?
    2. After signing, do I scan it with the barcode?

    I did both, but when I tried uploading it, is says that the form is is not updated. But I just dowloaded it recently.
    Do I upload it without the electronic signature? It won't let me sign electronically on the form.

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