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Employed by UK company, living in Canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Canooknic, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all. My fiancé is being sponsored by me, we will be landing in May. The company he works for want to keep him employed by them but living in Canada.They aren't sure how this would work with regard to tax etc. as they have never offered this to anyone before. Does anyone have any insight...or know where I could find out??
  2. I think he would have to file taxes in the UK because that is where his income is. If he's a PR living in Canada, he should also file for foreign income in Canada. You should google if Canada and the UK have a dual tax agreement. If they do, he will not be paying double tax.
  3. They do have a dual tax agreement.
  4. You guys are so great...is there anything that you can't help with?!? This weeks lottery numbers would be great :D
  5. I assume that this is an online job?
  6. It isn't at the moment, but they will make it into one for him - I don't know how but he is the 'golden boy' and they are all devastated that he's leaving. We thought his boss was just being nice when she suggested it at first, but now her boss has agreed it so it's just logistics now!!

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