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Education of teens in Canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by cool_wonderful, Feb 28, 2014.

  2. Hi!

    I hope you've moved and settled in Canada by now and would be in a position to help me out. We intend to move to Canada once my son finishes his 10th (CBSE) in 2020.
    Wanted to know:
    1. How different is the education scenario there?
    2. Are there adjustment issues for kids moving to school in grade 11? (it being quite a senior class yet still having immature kids to deal with unlike in college)
    3. Should I move him to Canada after grade 10th or wait for him to complete 12th too from India? (will have to work out a solution if that's more advisable)

    Any inputs from anyone are most welcome.
  3. Hi, Im a 15 year old teenager studying in an ICSE school in India and I am in grade 10. Since my board gives me flexibility of choosing subjects i have skipped math and science, and in replacement chose Economics and business studies.
    Due to certain reasons my family has decided to move to a city in Ontario. Is it possible for me to study there despite not taking science and math? I do know basic math. Is there anything i would have to do or learn before moving? I am not sure if i will be finishing my board exam and moving or will move within these 2-4 months. Please help me.
  4. Yes I believe you do have to take math and/or science. It does vary between schools and regions. You will need math to enter a business post secondary program.
  5. woah okay...... i lost in touch with math and science last year. havent even seen the book in the past one and a half year
  6. When you come to Canada you will just have to catch up. It isn’t the end of the world.
  7. Hi All

    I have two boys. We will move to Canada in June 2020. Elder one will be in class X the time we move on PR to Vancouver and younger one in class VI.
    Please help me get clear on these concerns-
    1. Will my son get admission in class X or could he be denied admission?
    2. Where can I get details for preparation that my kids need to do for entrance exam, if any?
    3. Is there some way they can prepare while here in India?
    4. Any other relevant point that we need to know beforehand.
    Please PM me on preetysemwal@gmail.com
  8. You need to visit the school board's website if you intend to enrol your kids for schooling in the City of Vancouver:

  9. When you go to the Board of Education, repeat exactly the sentence above; they'll know what to do and put you in a remedial program. You'll be up to speed in no time.
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    1. Your son can not be denied admission.
    2. Unless the School Board have a few quizes he must do there are no entrance exams.
    3. You could look at the main BC Teaching Curricula and study what they must study. https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum.
    4. None really that I know of. I am an Ontario teacher commenting on BC Curriculum, but I know of no surprises.
    SORRY: I don't do PM comments or work; the forum here is enough work. No offence and thanks for the offer.

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