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Education of teens in Canada

Discussion in 'Education' started by cool_wonderful, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Once in the Peel school board website, select one of those high school and you will find the info you needed.
  2. Yes your child can join once you have proof of your address like a copy of a lease. He will continue in grade 5.
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  3. Thanks!
  4. hi,

    wondering how did it go with your migration (with respect to kids school admission, they liking the school , getting adjusted etc.)
    I am probably in similar boat right now as you were when you posted this msg hence asking :)

    let me know
  5. This is an amazing informative post ... thanks..
  6. I am interested in finding an answer for this. After school hours, what do kindergarten kids do. I believe older kids may have extra curricular activities that will keep them engaged till parents return home after work. How about younger ones that need care and attention.
  7. You need to pay someone to take care of them. After school programs.
  8. Is there something like student care - (paid) extended schooling hours? Or will that be outside of school and I also need to arrange for transportation from school?
  9. Depends on the school. Most schools do have some paid after school and before school care but there are limited spaces. School hours also vary by school.
  10. If children are teenagers there won't be care after school.
  11. Hi

    My name is Aprajita and shall be migrating to Toronto in April 2019.

    My question is regarding my ward who is studying ICSE board in India and will be completing 9th standard in Mar 2019. What standard will he be eligible in Canada ? His date of birth is May 2004.

    I appreciate your soonest response.

    Thank You
  12. Hi,I would be shifting to Winnipeg by jan 2020,my children will be in grade 11th and grade 8th,wanted to enquire if they would have to appear for any assesment ?Would they get admission in grade 12th and 9th?
  13. It is up to the individual school board to determine placement. They usually won't discuss it until you arrive.
  14. I am interested to know the process by how my son will be admiitted to Gr 11 as he has written his CBSE Gr 10 exams.How difficult or esy is it to get admission in Canada?Thanks in advance
  15. Each province does things differently plus there are variations between school boards. The school will guide you when you register.

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