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********** EDMONTON VO CEC APPLICANTS 2021******************


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Mar 14, 2021
Anyone knows how long does it take ircc to renew expired medical? My medical got expired and the medical status is showing as you do not need medical. I am cec
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Dec 23, 2014
NOC Code......
App. Filed.......
26th September 2021
Doc's Request.
Old Medical
AOR Received.
26th September 2021
IELTS Request
Sent with application
File Transfer...
Med's Request
Not Applicable, Old Meds
Med's Done....
Old Medical
Not Applicable
Passport Req..
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Nov 17, 2021
Hi everyone,

I finally received GCMS notes today (applied on Dec 16, 2021) from CBSA. Here's the status of my application:

PVO: Edmonton
SVO: CIO Sydney

Eligibility: Review Required
Security: Not Started (I suppose passed based on Criminality and Info Sharing)
Criminality: Passed
Medical: Passed
Info Sharing: Complete

Eligibility in review because for one of my foreign experiences, I hadn't received the reference letter at the time of submission, which I submitted later in November (before the date mentioned for the EL review) via WebForm, but, apparently, they didn't receive it before they reviewed my EL. Another reason is that my reference letter from my employer in Canada was digitally signed, which they marked as unsigned in GCMS. For these two reasons, they have significantly dropped my CRS. Tomorrow is the next review date (if that matters at all) and I hope this time they will see my reference letter for the foreign experience. I'll submit a new hand-signed reference letter from my Canadian employer today, which they will definitely not receive by tomorrow. I'll keep you all posted with any updates.

By the way, they seemed to had decided to send me an RCMP request in November, but later it was canceled because their internal request to RCMP during Infor Sharing returned NRT (no reportable trace).

FYI: Nothing has happened new on my application after Nov 2021.
Digital sign is not unsigned


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Dec 8, 2021
Almost everyone has digitalized signatures for these days. That’s weird
Indeed it is.

Does that matter? They never mentioned anything like that. Me and everybody else I know submitted a digitized signature.
Apparently, it does for some IRCC agents.

Oh my bad, didn't read it right. He didn't have any signature at all. Got it. Sorry, IRCC has really messed up my mind. Can't think properly.
ha ha ha.... I am not that ignorant. It was digitally signed, and the agent on call confirmed it today. She also mentioned that the internal note (not shown on GCMS) says that the letter is digitally signed.

It was my supervisor's named digital signature (signed using Adobe) with a verifiable certificate that contains all of my supervisor's information including his name, designation, email, and other contact information. Let's see what happens when they pick up my file for review again. The call center agent said they will send an ADR if they need a new letter, to her my file looks fine.