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Edmonton VO Applicants Please Join..!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by kunaldude, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I am starting a new thread to capture cec applicants whose applications are getting processed in Edmonton Visa Office.

    My Timeline:
    AOR: 20 July 2019
    Medical Passed: 16th August 2019
    Background Check: We are performing your back ground check. We will let you know if we need more information from you.
    I am in IP2 stage.

  2. I'm at the same VO, any updates for you?
  3. No I am still waiting.!!
  4. Any updates from you guys? I’m July 30 AOR and Aug 23 for MEP
  5. You will surely get your PPR request soon as I got it in last week. Mine was AOR 20 July and MP 16th August.
  6. wow that was fast, I thought Edmonton VO is one of the slowest, I just got a confirmation that mine is being processed in Edmonton too... Anyways congratulations! Did you get any "ghost updates" prior to ppr?
  7. Do you mind posting the full timeline? thanks

    My timeline :
    AOR 1 Aug
    MEP 27 Aug
    GU 13 Nov

    Waiting for GCMS notes ...
    VO edmonton
  8. YuYu,
    I believe either you will be gettting PPR email next week or ADR.
    Hopefully its ppr for ya!
    Good luck

  9. thank you h_1991!
    I hope you get yours soon too :)
    keep each other updated!
  10. My timeline :
    AOR 24 July
    MEP 20 Aug
    PPR 11 Nov

    Inland Applicant CEC
  11. Congratulations! Did you call them or receive any GU during this time?
  12. YEp I did call them on Nov 8th asking for an update, but they said that the officer is yet to view my file but surprisingly on Nov 11th I got PPR
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  13. Edmonton VO +1
    Timeline is in my signature.
  14. AOR: July 30, 2019
    MEP: Aug 23, 2019
    GU1: Aug 24, 2019
    GU2: Nov 7, 2019 - criminality passed
    called on Nov 18, 2019 knowing eligibility recommend pass
    CEC single, VO: Edmonton

    anyone knows when to get PPR?
  15. Interesting thread:
    AoR July29
    Med Aug 22 RCMP Request.
    Called last week everything passed except security not started yet.
    Hopefully Soon

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