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E-Client Application Status

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by totheline, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Hi There,

    My permanent resident application was recently taken off-line. I no longer have access to my e-client application status.

    The latest post was "A decision has been made. An officer will contact you concerning this decision", but this post was about a year ago; and of course I never heard of them. My application was received more than 3 years ago in Buffalo.

    Can anyone give me some advice.
  2. hi there

    i wanna ask this question for you so i can answer you in an accurate way,
    have u made ur medicals ?\
  3. I never did my medicals but on my e-client application status it used to say: "Medicals have been received". Do you think the Immigration officer might have completely confused my application with someone else?

    Thanks mikeramma!

    The messed up thing is that you can't even talk to anyone at the office in Buffalo, my only point of contact is through fax, which they never reply to.
  4. this means yor file must have been rejected...
  5. Canadian Immigration could have at least send an official letter if that's the case. Not let you in the the dark eternally.
    I appreciate your help sumitchopra.
  6. hey

    i think that this " decision " is rejection , i am sorry to tell u that but if u want additional information u can send an email to buffalo office
    best regards ,
  7. I hope the buffalo office give me the reason of the rejection, since I have more than enough points. And if I were to apply again I don't know what I did wrong.

    Thanks everybody.
  8. hi
    after they refuse you , of course they will send u the refusal letter that includes the reasons that pushed them to take this decision
    good luck in the future

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