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Driving License Extract - Problems with Indian RTO

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by sameermaira, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    So I learned that I need a DL-Extract from the RTO in India to apply for a license in Canada. I think I can apply without it too but then it would come with restrictions. I have been driving for over 20 years in India without any incidents, so I don't want anything with restrictions. Anyway, the RTO in Gurgaon refused to give me the extract because they said I need a SmartChip license for it. They also said that I need to be physically present to get the smart chip license in India. So I'm stuck now. They say there are no other alternatives but I'm hoping there is someone out there who faced a similar situation and worked around it somehow?

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    You can try the Indian consulate/embassy in the province (you live in) for a letter of driving experience. But it is upto the transport office in Canada to accept it or not. The accepted norm is the computer generated DL-Extract.

    The reason why RTO officers in India insist on a chip based license is because the DL-extract is fetched by the online 'Sarathi' system. If your license is a non-chip type, then your driving information isn't linked to Sarathi - hence the RTO's inability to issue a DL-extract.
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    Ontario MTO will only accept DL-Extract. So dont even waste your time looking for any other document to supplement it.
    Without the DL-Extract you can go straight upto G2. At G2 level, there's hardly any meaningful restriction compared to G. I have seen people owning/driving cars with G2 for many years without any issues.
  4. My indian driving license is also non chip .but my RTO give me manual driving extract not online . Will it work ..and non chip license will they accrpt
  5. Hi, I am facing similar situation. I have driving experience since 2010. But no DL-Extract. Can I show the original driving license and give atleast the g2 road test immediately after landing? Do you know anyone who has done that? Thanks for your response.
  6. As far as I know, you can claim 12 months of experience upon production of original license, but to claim for more than 12 months experience, you'll need a DL extract

  7. > My indian driving license is also non chip .but my RTO give me manual driving extract not online

    If you have an extract, you are all set. Note that the extract needs to be less than 6 months old on the day you give your G1 test, so plan accordingly once you land to ensure you can avail your extract
  8. Which drive test did you go to? The one in port union is not accepting our extract and is not even telling us what the problem with the extract is. It is so frustrating
  9. Etobicoke, however it is standard rule and will not change from center to center.

    You should be able to get a response from them on why they would not accept extract.

    How did you get your extract, provide some details. Which rto, when, what form ?
  10. So if one has an extract (let's say manual and it is accepted) from an RTO in India claiming more than 2 years of driving experience, one can get a G2 license without driving test? From what I understand, one can schedule a G test immediately, but it is not mandatory.
  11. No

    With thansfer of your international experience of 2 years, you can (after passing your g1 knowledge test) directly apply for a g2 exit or a g exit driving test without wait. Passing that driving test will give you a g2 or g license respectively. Folks who have confidence in their driving abilities typically give g although folks who are not so confident also give g2 since it is does not have highway stretch. So best case scenario, you can get g license in a month.

    Without experience, after passing g1, you need to wait for a minimum of one year before applying for g2 driving test. So best case scenario you get g2 license in 12 months. You cannot legally drive without an instructor/driving license holder present during last 9 months (or 6 months with idp).
  12. I am surprised people have paper license. I knew many people who got fake paper licenses back in the early 2000s. There is a low chance of anyone getting DL extract for a fake license.
  13. a minor correction - you can get G2 within 8 months without driving experience and not 12 if you complete a driving course from a government approved instructor.
  14. Guys, I have a driving license, which is without chip. I got my DL extract (print out stamped by authority) with my driving license details from Delhi RTO. The DL extract does not have my photo.

    I am landing in Toronto. Do you think any of the below can cause a problem for me-

    1. A driving license without chip
    2. DL Extract without my photo

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