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Driving extract/ Driver Experience Certificate from Oman

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Muzammil_Rizvi, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Can someone please guide from where and how to get Driver Experience certificate for driving license issued in Oman.
  2. Go to the place where you get your drivers license renewed. The same road as Golden Tulip. Ask the officer inside for driver license experience letter. For Canada migration. Show them your OMAN license and they will have the letter ready in Arabic after couple of hours could be sooner, as it depends on how busy they are.
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  3. Hello atzquebec....is the letter in arabic accepted in canada? or does it needs to be translated?
  4. Hi,

    Most likely it has to be translated to English. This is what I have heard. And there are certified translators in Canada.
  5. Thanks atzquebec for your reply
  6. Hi

    Can someone guide me how I can get drivers abstract / Driving history from Oman while Physically I am in Canada.
  7. How many days validity in this letter. Oman license
  8. I got this extract from ROP twice. Just go to the ROP Driving License Office at Azaiba (Near Golden Tulip) and say you are moving to Canada, they will know what you are looking for.

    They will ask you for air-ticket to Canada along with your Original License, but the first time I got the driving license extract, I didnt have a ticket and upon explaining that I was going to be moving to India first and then go to Canada, they accepted and gave me the extract. Still having a ticket helps.

    There is no charge for the Driving License extract.

    The extract is in Arabic and will need to be translated by a certified translator in Canada. Canadian Consulate in Oman might also be able to do but I havent explored that option. Dont get it done from regular translator in Oman, that wont help.

    The extract will be dated and valid for 6 months from date of issue (hence I had to obtain a second copy) and your Oman Driving License will have to be valid as well when you apply for Driving License in Canada.
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  9. Hi my name is lovepreet singh from india. I need oman driving licence clearance for canada. Where can i get it. My driving licence was issued in Sur. When i went there told me that they are not familiar with this letter and asked me to go to muscat to get this clearance certificate. Can someone please tell me where and how i can get licence clearance.
  10. Respected Sir, My name is Gurpreet Singh. I recently move canada as long haul truck driver. I have worked 4years as heavy driver in Oman.I moved to canada on Oman heavy driving experiecnce. But now there I am suffing one problem. There Icbs office staff which make heavy canada driving license,they want vailid Oman licence extract letter,whitch is most important there. There without this letter I can not make my driving license. I have Oman vailid heavy driving license. So Sir please help me . I must need this letter for making my canadian driving licence. I cannot go to Oman for taking this license because I have no Oman work or visit visa. I worked in oman from22 january2014 to 9 january2018. My Oman id and license nomber was 97755751. My friends also went to your office with my all document copies in azaiba .But they said to them they can not give this letter to them. Sir I have spent my all money on canada visa. So please Sir help me. There whithout this letter I can not prepare my licence
  11. I am not in oman now
  12. Anyone help me how I get oman driving licence abstract letter from canada.

  13. Oman

    Request your “Traffic Offence Enquiry and Payment”. It will state if there are any fines


    Click on “Online Services” and “Traffic Fines Payment”

    Source - https://www.car2go.com/media/data/usa/files/how-to-obtain-your-international-driving-record.pdf

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