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Does your notarized docs have "I certify this is a true copy" statement?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by SkilledPro, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does your notarized documents have the "I certify this is a true copy of the orignal document" statement stamped on your photocopies?

    I went to UPS store and had my diploma notarized. when I got home, I read that the stamped was saying something like the notary was just proving that I personally appeared before her and that I am the person in the diploma. So I went back and showed her that I need to prove that the photocopy is a true copy of the original. She was kind enough to write the "I certify" statement.

    So I am wondering what was written or stamped on your notarized photocopies. I paid $10 usd for that one piece of photocopy.

    I plan to go to BOA next week to have the rest of the docs notarized for free as what others say. I just hope the BOA branch near me does that for free.
  2. it seems like different notary public had different stamps. luckily for me the notary public in one of the branches that I went to had a stamp that said "i certify...." but in slightly different words, however it meant the same. As for the other bank branch, didn't have that but they wrote it in. This was in the US.
  3. please guys i have a qestion : are you living in canada ? because i checked the websites for the notarized public here in canada and found it very expensive 69$ is it realy that expensive ? or just 10 $ ?

    please am waiting to your reply and thank you so much
  4. i could be wrong but skilledpro might be talking about UPS in US. Do you live near the US border, if yes, then you could drive up and do it at UPS if its cheaper.
  5. In Ireland it costs 50euro for the first notarized document and 10euro each for every additional document
  6. Hi friends.. regarding the cost of notarised documents, well they vary from country to country, in England the first document cost about £50-£80 or more and each additional doucment £5 - £10. It all depends in which country you are. Yes notaries are very expensive in the western countries, if you start comparing their charges to the notaries in Asian countries.Best is do some research in their charges in your area as they can vary even within a country. All the best.
  7. I got all my documents notarized for free from one of our office employees who was also a notary. A lot of times employees from our office are notaries but we are not aware of it. Ask in your office and you might be in luck for a good buddy of yours might be a notary!!!!
  8. Wow 50 Euro is really expensive, And I use to think 5 USD for a notary is too too expensive.
    BTW I have seen few folks putting in seal "I certify this is true copy of original", though I don't think it is necessary.
  9. In USA there are many other options apart from BOA or UPS or FeDx

    I got my docs notarized from City Hall office / Mayor's office and they don't charge any thing except for the photocopies charge which is 8cent for a copy.
    They directly don't except the photocopies, they will take your original and make a copy in front of you and then will certifiy that.
    At the end I had to pay only $2 - $3 for all my docs.

    Once can also try in City Library ?
  10. Really? I didn't knew we can we go in city hall for notarizing copies? I'll certainly try this option next time
  11. HI Pv, from what state are you?

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