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Does work experience gained while WAITING for PGWP count for CEC!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dreamca, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Thanks, this has been really helpful
  2. Hello Neevan,
    Do you mean that Whatever work we do after graduation will be counted while claiming experience under CEC
  3. If you really want to mess yourself up, dig up old threads with out-of-date advice (correct at the time), and believe that IRCC rules do not change : )

    Neevan replied in 2015, it was correct at the time but rules have changed a couple of times.

    NO, you cannot expect that any work after graduation will be counted; in fact, you could end up working without authorization and jeopardize your eligibility for PR.


    "Once a student receives written confirmation of program completion from their institution, they are no longer authorized to continue to work in Canada, as they no longer meet the eligibility criteria in paragraph R186(v)."

    You are authorized to work after you submit your PGWP application (as long as your study permit is still valid) and yes, authorized work experience counts.
  4. I have applied for my PGWP on September. I got the approval yesterday. My question is Should VO count my work experience through implied status if I want to apply for PR ? Any information about this will be very helpful for me. In cic, they mentioned that any authorized work after graduation will be counted . Is the implied status of work authorized?
  5. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1181&top=15

    As Per above link, it is LEGAL to work after you submit PGWP. However, it doesnt mention about “ Will this working time count for EE work experience”

    To be safe, I suggest you should not count this period, but still mention this period on your EE Application and PR application.

    I was struggled with this several times because there was no statements fully covered this question in CIC webpages.

    For my case, I didn’t count implied status working period; and even I worked extra 1 and a half month before I made an EE profile. This would keep me a nice sleep at night when I wait for my PR application to be approved.

    I am still waiting for decision from IRCC office and will keep you update

    Good luck, folks
  6. This is not accurate. If the work experience is authorized (aka LEGAL), it counts (unless it falls under the 2 exceptions - work performed under a study permit, and self-employment).

    For example, under the CEC Class Eligibility description,
    • have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada, in the last 3 years before you apply. The work was:
      • full-time or
      • an equal amount in part-time
    • have gained your work experience by working in Canada legally
  7. Thanks a lot for your reply. They took 4 months to process my PGWP. That’s why I was wondering because I have to work 1 year from now . You are absolutely right.

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