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Document needed for WES - ECA

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by mr_smith, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Does the university have to enclose the WES form in the envelope? I wasn't aware about this part? Are you sure about this part?

  2. Yes
  3. Thank you Minid. As suggested I have expedited my transcript and have received them.
    Couple of more queries:
    1. I will courier them the transcript. Now upon evaluation and approval from WES, do they send me a soft copy of the report before the hard-copy arrives, so that I can submit my EE early?.
    2. Once I have the WES report for the Degree program (Bachelor of Engineering) and I already have a valid IELTS score-- do I need anything esle at this moment before making the EE submission?.
    3. My spouse has still not appeared for her IELTS ( I still have around 68 points without her score)--is she allowed to give an IELTS after my EE submission and can i attach her score after submission. Will my CSR be eligible for re-evaluation after EE submission?.
    4. My wife is from legal profession and she has Bachelor degree in Law. I am the primary applicant. Does a WES report of her academic degree will add any further additional points in my application?.

    Advice and views will be highly appreciative.
  4. If you want to claim points from your spouse education then you need to submit EE after she gets Wes evaluated for her education. You can update your EE profile until you receive ITA with her data. But after you receive ITA you won't be able to change any information.
    And if she is going to come along with you then it is better to add Wes and belts for her as well in EE before submission irrespective of any major change in points.
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  5. Thank you Minid, you have been a great help and very good source for advice :)
    Another pt to check--For my wife, does she needs to create her own WES account or I can get her education evaluated from the my WES account?
  6. She needs a separate account
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  7. Thank you Minid, your advice have been of great help in my application process.
    Another question:
    In my application I am the primary applicant and I wish to bring my spouse with me.
    Now she is also undergoing EAC accreditation and preparing for IELTS.
    1. Now which IELTS should she give for both migration and then if she wants to pursue a diploma/degree program in canada?
    2. If I get the TIA approval from Canada, will she also be provided Work Permit along with my visa?
    3. Can one pursue higher study in canada with EE visa/work permit?.

    Some of my question might look very silly, but your suggestions will help me a lot to clear some of my doubts.

    Thanks & Regards
    Niladri Bhattacharya
  8. Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum.

    Could anyone please tell me whether we need to send original masters degree certificate along with transcripts to WES?

    When I contacted my university for transcripts they told me that they will send directly to WES. In this case how should I send my masters degree certificate to WES?

    Thanks and regards,

  9. You need not to send anything original, since WES will not return them back. You need to send photocopy.
    You can submit your copy of the degree certificate, at the same time when you are submitting your marksheets for transcript and request the univ to put them under same envelop while sending.
  10. Hi Minid or anyone, please can you help me with above questions. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi!

    Thanks you very much for your response.

    So does that mean I have to send the photocopy of my masters degree certificate to the university and ask them to include this into the envelope along with the transcripts and send it to WES or the University will have photocopy of the masters certificate?


  12. I personally would prefer the 1st choice :)
  13. May I know how you sent? :)

  14. If this is India, I blv you will also hv option to go and physically collect the transcript from the univ and send them by courier. In that case you can make sure that the copy of degree certificate and the WES form is also sent along.
  15. I hv not got the good fortune to sent yet.. :( waiting for the transcripts to be provided to me by univ. But I am told the transcripts will be put in sealed envelop in my presence on the day I will go and collect them and you can request them to put the copy of degree and WES form in same envelop.
    May I know from which country and which region you are applying from?

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