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Do i need to be physically present in Canada to receive my PR card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by prashantm29, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I have received Permanent Residency for Canada this month and our Travel Documents are valid till 20th November 2019. The thing is that we are not ready to move to Canada just yet but still have to make the first entry (short trip) for PR card before 20th November. I have a few questions regarding this situation.

    1. Do I need to be physically present in Canada to receive PR card by mail? Or someone else like family or friends can receive it.

    2. What is the process of Applying to PR card after landing in Canada?

    3. Can we leave Canada without PR card and get it mailed to our home country from relatives or friends who receive it?

    4. Generally how long does it take to receive PR card after landing?

    5. Our travel document says the point of entry as 'Winnipeg'. Does that mean we have to enter Canada through Winnipeg only?

    Your help would be much appreciated.
  2. 1. No, you don't need to be there. It comes by regular mail and will be left in your mailbox.
    2. The first PR card will automatically be applied for when you complete your landing. All you need to do is provide an address to the CBSA officer at the Port of Entry. They will ask you for it.
    3. Yes
    4. Varies, but apparently these days it's coming in 2-3 weeks. Could take longer, mine took almost 2 months.
    5. No, you can enter through any port of entry. If you are coming through a Provincial Nominee Program, the officer may ask you about your travel plans and intention to move to the province that sponsored you.
  3. Thank a lot for your answers. One more question.. Do I need to provide any documents for PR card like Photograph which will be used on PR card?
  4. Hi

    1. No, the photo is attached to your COPR which you present on "landing"
  5. thank you so much for clarifying.
  6. In addition to excellent responses by others . . . just to clarify . . .

    . . . you have NOT yet received "Permanent Residency for Canada," and will only actually become a PR when you arrive and do the landing. You have been issued a Permanent Resident visa, which can be used to travel to Canada and then, upon arrival, used together with the CoPR to COMPLETE the process of becoming a PR. This is an important distinction for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that you continue to have an obligation to notify IRCC if there are any material changes in your circumstances, such as any change in marital status or dependents.

    Thus, the date you actually arrive (your "first entry") will be the date you land, and this will forever be the date you became a PR, and this date is an important one for multiple reasons. Since you are doing what many call a "soft landing," among other reasons why that date is important, it is an important date because it establishes that first five year time period for calculating compliance with the PR Residency Obligation.

    Ordinarily the photographs submitted with your application suffice. For various reasons, however, sometimes a new photo is required. This does not happen often but is somewhat common. If this happens you will be notified.

    In your first post and queries you say "but still have to make the first entry (short trip) for PR card before 20th November," thus I am guessing that this query, "Do I need to provide any documents for PR card," is similarly not merely about what is needed to get a PR card but about what documents you might need to do the landing. To be clear the "first entry" is NOT "for PR card," but again is to complete the landing process. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS in the communication you received with the return of your passport and the CoPR, including bringing such documents as those instructions specify (such as proof of funds if this is applicable to you).

    Additionally, typically a newly arriving immigrant will want to bring and submit the goods to follow customs form, so that you can later import personal items including, if you choose, personal household goods.

    Mostly review the communication from IRCC carefully and FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS.
  7. Thank you so much for the detailed replay. Your help is much appreciated. Best Wishes

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