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Divorce after ppr, PLEASE PLEASE help me.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by xuan, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys,

    please i need your advice what i should do, i just got my PPR my wife was non-accompagnying ( we didnt have enough points for both of us) my wife was at the beginning Okay no problem i will wait you to sponsor me, but now she changed her mind and she want we divorce,

    Now i worry i lose my Ppr even if she gave me 0 point, can i land to canada quickly 1 day and come back give her divorce or should i divorce now? ( i didn't land yet)

    Thank you so so much for your valuable advice.
  2. My valuable advice. If u love your wife try to work your marriage out
  3. my wife don't want come Canada with me, and want divorce her decision is final.
  4. You can give divorce and inform CIC about change in family.. Should not be a problem as you didn't claim points for wife.. But if you want lesser complications, and for securing your PR, landing in canada, completing landing exercise and then giving divorce sounds better idea here..
  5. Given that your wife is not accompanying AND has not contributed to the application, if you chose to land as a Permanent Resident before divorcing, you would not strictly be committing misrepresentation. If you divorce before you land, then you must go down the road of formally notifying IRCC.
  6. @ashwani.m @zardoz Thank you so much for your reply, i would like to confirm please , once i land and stay in canada only 1 day i am considered as a official permanent resident right ? or i should wait untill i have my card ?

    After i land in canada and stay 1 day then leave, should i inform IRCC ? ( tell them that i left to get divorced )

    my wife doesn't want wait a lot.
  7. You are a PR as soon as you land.

    No, you don't need to inform IRCC.

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