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Divorce after becoming PR

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by deadbird, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. okay thanks
  2. Hello everyone.
    I applied into express entry as a family and I was the PR.
    After a while things go hard with my wife.
    She left home after few weeks I received the golden mail and in the same time a divorce procedure was in progress.
    I updated my proof of founds and the papers of court and send them.
    I'm really worried...plz any advice.
  3. Hi

    1. Remove her from the application.
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  4. Hi
    I send the proof of divorce in progress and I updated the proof of money on my own.
    Is it ok?
  5. If you have sent the documents, it will take time for IRCC to remove your spouse from the application and a new COPR will be generated. What IRCC is concerned here is that the divorce has been finalised or has the potential of it being a finality.

    If you have shown court filings of the divorce proceedings you are good. You will however have to wait it out.
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  6. Hi
    plz how long ? Few weeks?thanks for your answer.
  7. It will depend on your case and the VO. If there are no criminal cases, then you re looking at 1-3 months at NDVO.
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  8. Hi
    NDVO ?
  9. New Delhi visa offices.
  10. Ok
  11. New Delhi Visa Office.
  12. New Delhi Visa Office.
  13. My ex wife is just delaying my divorce for past two years. I hv applied for PR. Hopefully whenever it comes, can i file a divorce case against here when i land in canada? How much time do i need to wait after landing in canada. I hv lived separately from her for past two years, will that count while filing divorce in canada or i have to wait for a year specifically in canada to prove separation. In my IRCC application, i hv applied as “separated”.

    Any help on above 3 questions is deeply deeply appreciated. Please share your thoughts.
  14. Yes, you can file a case here in Canada. However, you need to be separated here for a year before you do that - and your two years separated in your home country won't count.

    I'm not absolutely certain about the two years not counting since I'm not a family lawyer, happy to be corrected by someone else.
  15. Ok.. not sure of the legal aspect of it. Is the fact of any help that as per my application i am already “separated”?

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