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Direct CoPR without PPR in CIC Account


Oct 3, 2020
I got my copr on 29 September and i will take and send my picture the next Monday.

so i guess it will take 3-4 months to get my card
Yes, I wasted so much time. Do you know anyone who haven't received their COPR? Or anyone from Ottawa with such situation?


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May 15, 2020
Yes, I wasted so much time. Do you know anyone who haven't received their COPR? Or anyone from Ottawa with such situation?
Sorry I don’t really know anyone.. but yes give ircc a call... asap to figure out your case and good luck!!


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Sep 15, 2014
Is your VO etobicoke? Different offices may have different timelines. I was told by an agent that you might sometimes need to wait for 2 weeks or so.
Yes it is Etobicoke. I actually spoke to the agent and she told me that they haven't mailed out the COPR yet but the letter is ready.


Sep 3, 2019
Hi it took me 7 days to get my copr in my email. And as i was told, it will take another 3-5 days for them to upload that letter to our mycic account.


I got my COPR/landing letter next day attached to the EE application. Did you get your pr card? How long did it take?



Dec 1, 2018
I am a inland PNP applicant. From my cic account I can see my case was approved on Mar.24 and on the same day my dependant(my husband, he is not in Canada during this period) was issued the counterfoil number which started with letter T. But for me, up to now I haven't received any information regarding my CoPR, neither CoPR number nor the email from IRCC. From the detail about my application status, they say
  • We need additional documents to continue processing your application. We will send you a message with more details.

But up to now, no any message come from IRCC. Actually I was ever booked an appointment on Mar.17 by IRCC for landing inverview in Vancouver office but IRCC cancelled it due to the pandemic COVOD-19. I recently called IRCC and the agent asked me to wait after she made a check with my case. This makes my very frustrated because I had wait for almost 7 months. Is there anybody has the same situation as me ? I just wonder if the in person interview can not work right now, why not IRCC can send me a similar email like you guys received to let me proceed with my PR card?


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Jan 31, 2020
Is there any message on IRCC website about this CoPR without PPR for inland applicants?
I was told over the phone by IRCC that my eligibility is now passed although it is not shown in the portal. Would you know if my CoPR is still too far away? My expected completion date is Nov 6th. Thanks


Jul 18, 2019
Hi Guys, is it the right time to apply for my parents visitor visa these days? They may not travel immediately but may be by next year?
Currently, my brother is back home with them who can help them travel for bio metric. So just wondering, if the visas are getting through right now?


Oct 29, 2020
Hi, I'm a PNP inland and today I got an email from IRCC Kitchner that reads

I am pleased to advise you that your application for permanent residence in Canada is now complete. Congratulations! You are now a permanent resident of Canada!

This letter constitutes an official document issued by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You can provide a copy of this letter to prove that you are a permanent resident of Canada and to apply for government benefits and services for which you are eligible, until you receive your permanent resident card.

This letter does not replace the permanent resident card; you are still required to submit the documentation to obtain your permanent resident card. If you have a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) document in-hand, please send it along with one photo that meets our photo specifications to the address listed above. Please ensure that you write your unique client identifier (UCI) and name on the back of the photo. If your address has changed, please provide us with your current address.

I've never received CoPR or PPR on my account. I got this e-mail directly.

Based on what the e-mail says, I should only send a CoPR if I have one, otherwise I assume I should just print this e-mail and send them the photo, is that right?
I am in the same situation now. What did you end up doing?