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delay in processing time for my visit visa application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Anas Ahmed, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. I applied for visit visa for Canada on 2nd May 2018 alongwith my family at visa application Karachi, Pakistan. Till date I have been waiting for decision on my application, 2 months have been passed already. Anyone can help me,
  2. I had applied also with my wife on April 03 at vac karachi but still waiting for the decision.
  3. I am applied in April still waiting
  4. The time estimate on cic website is just estimate it can take much longer / lesser depending on applicants docs and many otther factors .. usually pakistani applicants ar delayed coz of background checks and those are done by third parties.. as estimated time have passed you can send cse to inquire you application status .. i got my decision last yr on 64th day.. and some applications got decission over 100 days ..
    You cant do much just wait and hopely you will get positive decision..
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  5. Thanks a lot,
  6. Did you get any response till yet, I haven't till yet:(
  7. I got this reply last week on my CSE.

    Dear Applicant,

    This is in response to your email enquiry.

    We are currently experiencing a huge increase of applications and the consequences are a longer processing times. Applications are treated on the basis of first come first serve. Your application is currently being reviewed by an officer.

    We regret all the inconveniences caused. We shall contact you once your application has been finalized and/or if we require additional information.

    We trust that this information will be of assistance


    Client Experience Team | RA

    IRCC Abu Dhabi

    United Arab Emirates
  8. My TRV got approved after 4 months....Applied on March 7, 2018 and got visa on 3rd July......
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  9. 4 months is too much, but the good thing is that u got visa; congrats
  10. Really good hope :) did your travel date was passed ?
    from whare you applied ?
  11. No my travel date is 1st August, applied from Karachi
  12. No...my travel date is 18 July ....applied from Islamabad
  13. Thanks....
  14. No still waiting since April 03 due to background checks and hope for a positive reply
  15. it is normal for CA visa due to background check it took 4 and half month too for me as well now in Toronto :)

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