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Delay in Canada visa lead to vain of my dream course admission.....!

Discussion in 'Education' started by varunkrishnan, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. I am very sorry to have a concern and to b share with you.

    I paid fees and GIC to Lambton college Toronto and awaiting for the VISA to come,firstly this got rejected and immediately after that I applied and visa came just a day before to report to the College. Approximate journey from India to Toronto is about 20 hours without any layovers and will be extended up to 30 hours if you fly cheaper.
    Then I have requested for a deferral to the college to September 2018 and they denied the request very last moment after made be to wait for 2 months and as a last hope I requested them to give the next May 2019 deferel as the Jan 19 also filled as per the college.

    So I am not sure what should I have to do this 2 year VISA alone.

    What are all the formalities if I am going to apply for a different college?

    Please help as I am going through a nailbiting situatiions....!
  2. You should have come to the College when you got the visa. Missing the first day or so is not a big deal and would not have had much effect on the rest of your studies. This is certainly not a valid reason for a deferral.
  3. Yes, I personally believe in that manner. However they strictly informed me to report to the college on the date provided. So now I have requested for a refund of the fees I paid with them.
  4. noth a good path.
    please attend the college. it pays

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