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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by AE0626, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Hi AE0626, congratulations!!!

    You applied inland right? We receive all our letters a week after. So if you were approved last week, I think you will have the letters by Friday!
  2. Hi Lovely20.. yes, i applied inland! I'm crossing my fingers that the letter comes on Friday! I cant wait any longer! Thanks!!

  3. Right for permanent residence fee (RPRF). i think it is 490CAD per applicant. ;D
  4. Hi - I received my letters today! So yes, it took exactly a week from the day they made a decision!

    I do have some questions though, we received 3 letters: 1 is my husbands sponsorhipapproval, 2 is my Open work permit and 3 is a letter regarding my permanent residency - stating that I will be contacted regarding your permanency status.

    We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application has been completed. The Canada Immigration Centre in Ottawa will contact you concerning your PR status"

    1) How long before they call? is there a timeline anyone can provide?
    2) Did I only get AIP? what happens next?
    3) Can I now legally work with my Open work permit? what should I do next?

    Its funny how I concentrated too much on the application process and didnt even bother learning about the post_application process! help! what are the next steps! Thanks!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will try to help answer some questions.

    1) There is no guaranteed timeline but I would say 1-3 months. Mine was shorter just because nobody ever immigrates here. Lol.
    2) No, you got both AIP and PR approval. Like it says, it is complete. Now you do as it says, you have to wait for Ottawa to contact you.
    3) You can go to Service Canada anytime now and get a temporary SIN number that day. The card will be mailed in 7-10 business days I believe is what they say. You will get your temporary SIN number that day though and you can start work immediately.
  6. Thanks Love_young! I will definitely visit service Canada tomorrow! would you know if I need to pay anything?

    Also, what usually happens after they contact me? Do I have to exit Canada and re-enter? or do I just go to a local CIC office and have the paper work done there?

    Again, thank yu somuch for all the information... it definitely helps!
  7. You're welcome and I am always so glad when I can help.
    No, getting a SIN number/card is free. And no, you will be contacted by your local office (most likely by mail) and on the letter it will say when to go to the local office and what to bring with you. It should only take you about 10 minutes to complete. Mine was 40 minutes just because they don't do it as often as other locations but I didn't mind the wait. You will then walk out a PR. Then once you get your PR card (which they automatically send on your behalf requesting) then you can go back to Service Canada and change your temporary SIN over to a permanent one but you can only get a permanent SIN after getting your PR card. You can still work on your temporary one until you obtain a permanent one though.

    I wasn't able to get my temporary one (got called the same day I got OWP to land the next day as a PR) so I have to wait until I get my PR card to work. So I have about 3 weeks to go. But you won't have to worry about that. Mine was only like that because I was called so soon that I had literally no opportunity to use my OWP to get a temporary SIN before going to the local office to become a PR. Don't want you stuck in my situation. ;)
  9. I went to service canada and i now have a temporary sin no! Thanks for your info Love_young.

    Just when I thought I had enough of good news for the week, a letter from CIC came regarding my interview schedule which is on August 25! and again.... i have questions :)

    This is regarding the list of things I need to bring. If you remember your letter (assuming that all formats/ templates are the same) there is a check box beside the item.

    1) The box beside the $490 fee is not checked. I am assuming I dont need to bring this as I thnk I have paid this in the beginning of the process...Would you know if this is correct?
    2) They are asking for an identification apart from my passport. My problem is that I dont have any other valid ID. (no health card nor drivers license) question is.. is it ok to have just the passport only? If not I may need to apply for the health card but I am not sure if I have the documents to be eligible to apply for one. Furthermore, It may not come in time for my interview!

    Help! :)


  10. Congratulations!!!

    Where is your landing office?

    1. If you think you paid for it already then you don't have to bring the PR fee, but just in case bring some money they accept credit cards too.
    2. Hmmmm.....tricky. Maybe you can apply for health card as you can use this as another proof. In Alberta, if you don't have a driver's license you can go to the nearest registry and apply for an Alberta photo ID, it takes about 5 business days to receive it. So you might want to check if your province can do that for you, or if they have such program. Best bet is call your local CIC and ask them what else can you bring besides your passport for identification. I think you can also bring the proof that you applied for your SIN.
  11. Thanks Lovely20. Will definitely check with CIC.! ;D

    Im not sure if Im posting on the right thread here but my case is pretty much the same as what AE0626 has posted. The only difference is I submitted my application a month ahead of her.
    To give you further details, I submitted an application for Permanent Residency under the Family Class Sponsorship. My boyfriend sponsored me under the Common-Law Class, and along with that application, He also sponsored my son, who's 8 years old right now, & is still in the Philippines.

    Here's my timeline, as per E-CAS:

    We received your application for permanent residence on September 2, 2010.

    We started processing your application on October 22, 2010.

    Medical results have been received.

    We received the requested information on January 10, 2011. Thank you for providing the information.

    A decision has been made and you will be contacted.

    We sent you a letter on June 9, 2011 to (my address) about the decision on your application. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us. If we have sent the letter to the wrong address, please contact us.

    *** After 2 weeks, my boyfriend & I received the letters from the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville. And here's what's stated on my letter:

    It has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status as a member of the spouse or common law partner in Canada class. However, a final decision will not be made until all requirements for becoming a permanent resident has been met. These requirements include medical, security, and background checks for you, and if applicable, all of your family members, both in Canada and abroad, even if they are not applying to join you in Canada at this time. You cannot become a permanent resident until you and all your family members have met these requirements.
    Our office in Manila will be contacting your family members. In the meantime, if you are in contact with your family members please encourage them to comply with all the requests from the visa office as their compliance will help to ensure timely processing of your application.

    *** So there, that was some of the important information stated in my letter. Along with it was my Open Work Permit as well.
    I was told by CIC that my son's application has been forwarded to their office in Manila. So I checked the Canadian Embassy in manila website, & based on what I read on their processing times, it will take about 6 months to process my son's application.
    Im just wondering though, in cases like these, do I get the final decision for my PR as soon as my son's PR application gets approved/finalized? Or are there cases wherein I get mine finalized first before his? Normally, how long is the processing time for both our cases?

    Please help. ::)
    Thank you so much!! ;)
  13. Hi Canadafan,

    I am in the same situation with you. We submitted inland application and has dependent outside. The CIC told me that I can't get the PR until my son's application gets finalized.

    Does your son has been contacted by Canada embassy in Manila? did you include his medical exam when you submitted your inland application?

    here is my timeline
    We received your application for permanent residence on October 26, 2010.

    We started processing your application on December 7, 2010.

    A decision has been made and you will be contacted.

    I called them, that I have just received AIP and OWP.
  14. my ECAS changed from " IN PROCESS' to DECISION MADE on 23 Aug 2011 and got mail from embassy to contact IOM on 27 Aug 2011.

    don't worry you won't be refused !!!
  15. Can anyone help me what's this mean and what to expect that day please ????

    I am pleased to advise you that the processing of your application for permanent residence will be finalized at an interview

    that has been scheduled for:

    5353 Dundas Street West, Ground Floor, Etobicoke

    In order to grant you permanent residence, you must provide us with satisfactory original identity documents. All applicants must provide their original valid passport at the landing interview.

    You must attend the interview with the following:

    •  All of your dependents if they are included in this application

    •  Your own interpreter, if required

    •  Your sponsor if you are being landed under the In-Canada Spousal Class.

      (NOTE: your sponsor must bring photo identification and proof of address)

       If you have not yet paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, $490 is required.
      (NOTE: Convention refugees (CR) and their dependants are exempted from paying this fee.) Payment option:
    o Online payment at www.cic.gc.ca
    (If you have not already paid the Right of Permanent Resident Fee ($490), please ensure you do so online at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.
    Si vous n’avez pas encore payé les frais relatifs au droit de résidence permanente ($490), veuillez payer en ligne au moins 72 heures avant votre rendez-vous)

    •  2 Photos for each person on this application taken within the last 12 months - see enclosed appendix for specifications

    •  Certified copies of seized ID Documents and Notice of Seizure form

      Persons being landed as Convention refugees (CR) and their dependants must p

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