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December 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by kunalsingla1991, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Thank you
  2. Unfortunately ! No

    NDVO hardly revert back on mails too !
  3. Its normally 3/4 weeks !!
  4. Wow! Congratulations! My AoR mate, however of the FSW- O stream. I pra

  5. I pray to get mine soon too. Thank you for the best wishes
  6. That was real quick ! Congrats Mate
  7. Congrats. What was ur Ip1 and Ip2 date sir. Pl update.
  8. Hi! I am MPNP EE applicant as well, aor Dec 10. Are you inland or overseas? Did you get ip2 updates as well? Thanks.
  9. Considering the current timeline trends, when is the ideal time to order GCMS notes for FSW-O?
  10. After 90 days
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  11. Hello,

    My Meds passed today. How can one know when he/she clears IP2 ?

  12. IP2 these days doesn't give much significance. Many get PPR without even going to IP2 and some have IP2 right after AOR,

    You will have to log in to your CIC account everyday to check if you moved to IP2
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  13. C
    Many Congrats. Which country r u from plz
  14. Guys...How about folks who have VO as Montreal...I have no updates yet after MEP done on 21 Jan. AOR - 10 Dec...
  15. Dear All,
    I have AOR of 7th December, 2018 and Medical cleared on 17th Jan. I realised that I forgot to mention my visa refusal of UK which happened in the year 2006. However, I got tourist visa for UK in 2017.
    What should I do now? Please help with your feedback

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