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December 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by imran01, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. I have to wait, as its was long weekend 14 to 17 April, I applied 18th April. But they said after oath you are eligible to apply after 48 hr.
  2. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Its nice to have you around as well...
    best of luck
  4. hey Khaild.. welcome back
  5. Today's the day I take my oath! :)

    I was planning to get a passport right away but on further research, there is a 2 day wait before you can do anything.

    Here's the link - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/cit-ceremony.asp

    Thanks to this forum for all the information.
  6. Finally I m requesting ATIP. 41 days after test - status still showing IP....
  7. Hello everyone . Passed test yesterday on 26 April.
    Status decision made today on 27 April.

    Waiting for oath now.

    Good luck everyone.
  8. Very Happy to hear that...
    Best of Luck--
    in which month sheet your full time lines are ?
  9. so i got my decision made like 10 days ago and got the letter today for oath on May 15 :)
  10. Congratulations.

    Which location toronto or Brampton?
  11. Ohhh Imran brother I am not in the spread sheet.

    Application received: 2nd Dec 2016
    Aor: 3rd Jan 2017
    In process: 13 Jan 2017
    Fingerprint done: 2 feb 2017
    Cic received fingerprint : 6 feb 2017
    Test date: 26 April 2017
    Decision made 27 April 2017
    Waiting for oath.
  12. Imran did you remember this sheet 5 years ago. Your are on 6th number. :)

    NOC Name Full Doc Ecase/Date Medical PPR1 PPR2 VISA
    0213Mythestic06-03-09DM 26-06-1217-12-1130-04-12 No No
    0111*MMIQ26-04-09IP 13-07-10No No No No
    0213khalidsubhan01-05-09IP 01-06-0927-05-12 No No No
    4131Shaziabibi06-05-09IP 08-10-09No No No No
    4131Mr.fap 05-06-09IP 18-10-1002-02-12 No No No
    0111Imran01 14-07-09DM 06-06-1207-12-1104-05-1211-06-1226-06-12
    0711Khalid Civil 27-07-09IP 15-02-1106-02-12 No No No
    0213Azfar30-07-09[size=7pt]Re-opened26-01-11[/size]No No No No
    1111Miankamal31-07-09IP 01-02-11No No No No
    0213Faisal123 01-08-09IP 07-02-1126-04-11 No No No
    0213Azmatgaad01-08-09IP 17-02-1216-03-12 No No No
    1111Asamnani 01-08-09IP 19-10-1024-02-12 No No No
    0213MBKP01-08-09IP 05-02-1108-09-11 No No No
    4021Mrs.umar01-08-09IP 13-10-1022-02-12 No No No
    1111Sir William26-08-09IP 14-11-1009-02-12 No No No
    0111Qias26-08-09IP 18-10-1001-12-11 No No No
    4121Amidala09-09-09IP 15-01-12No No No No
    2181Msaleem21611-09-09IPNo No No No
    0111S.M. Farhan20-09-09IP 28-01-1225-01-12 No No No
    3142Ifra08-10-09IP 01-03-1123-04-1221-05-12 No No
    0111Country boy01-11-09[size=7pt]Re-opened28-02-12[/size]No No No No
    3111Wbmaple01-11-09IP 01-10-1013-05-1118-03-12 No No
    3111Doc4425-11-09IP 03-11-11No No No No
    0111Imhussain 01-12-09IP 20-01-1225-02-12 No No No
    0111Umair02-12-09IP 19-01-1221-02-12 No No No
    0111HAK10-12-09IP 24-01-1226-01-12 No No No
    1111Darian22-12-09IP 13-02-12No No No No
    0111Zubbair04-01-10IP 24-01-12No No No No
    Khalid h05-01-10IP 06-03-1201-05-12 No No No
    3112Amberee15-01-10IP 24-02-12No No No No
    3112Aamirdr 02-02-10IP 07-02-12No No No No
    4131Khuwaja 12-02-10IP 23-03-12No No No No
    0213Mianaliraza15-02-10IP 03-05-1217-05-12 No No No
    2253*Drooza15-02-10IP 21-04-1025-10-11 No No No
    1111Ghulam Hasnain17-02-10IP 24-02-1205-03-12 No No No
    Zee10 01-03-10IP 20-02-12No No No No
    4131Wali 01-03-10IP 01-02-1201-03-12 No No No
    3152Prospective 04-03-10IP 05-02-12No No No No
    1111Sufyan 12-03-10IP 18-03-1203-04-12 No No No
    0213SLeo 25-03-10IP 05-03-1205-03-12 No No No
    0213Blessings27-03-10IP 01-02-11No No No No
    4121farhaniqbal 29-03-10IP 28-02-1207-03-12 No No No
    0213Carefore 30-03-10IP 12-03-1203-04-12 No No No
    0711Rizwan.Khan31-03-10IP 10-02-1205-03-12 No No No
    Tzakur 01-04-10IP 01-03-11No No No No
    K_S01-04-10IP 13-03-12No No No No
    3112Docsiddiqui10-04-10IP 07-03-1209-06-12 No No No
    4131Faisal 11-04-10IP 20-02-1224-02-12 No No No
    Veva15-04-10IP 13-03-1214-05-12 No No No
    0111Azhermahmood 16-04-10IP 05-03-12No No No No
    NS 22-04-10IP 03-02-12No No No No
    0213Azmat 23-04-10IP 01-03-1102-06-12 No No No
    Markon 26-04-10IP 17-07-1106-03-12 No No No
    0213Khipak 27-04-10IP 06-03-1209-03-12 No No No
    0213khanbaba2k10 28-04-10IP 20-02-1206-03-12 No No No
    Positron 28-04-10IP 03-01-12No No No No
    3112Arman79 28-04-10IP 27-02-1220-03-12 No No No
    0213Kaltaf 01-05-10IP 22-02-1206-03-12 No No No
    4131salmanahm 04-05-10IP 02-02-1218-02-12 No No No
    4131Staralihaider 05-05-10IP 17-02-1216-02-12 No No No
    Asif1532 12-05-10IP 09-03-1226-03-12 No No No
    4131Sunnysmiles 12-05-10IP 06-02-1224-02-12 No No No
    0213Kamee7918-05-10IP 08-03-1230-03-12 No No No
    4121*Beckett 20-05-10IP 19-04-1122-02-12 No No No
    1111Amh 20-05-10IP 06-03-1222-03-12 No No No
    0111Gorsi 116 26-05-10IP 15-02-1222-03-12 No No No
    4131Azad jan 01-06-10IP 02-02-1202-03-12 No No No
    9212Way 16-06-10IP 22-05-12No No No No
    0111Y2abid 17-06-10IP 25-01-12No No No No
    0111Somey11 18-06-10IP 28-02-1204-06-12 No No No
    0213Ali zafar 21-06-10IP 06-02-1207-03-12 No No No
    Shahzoo 25-06-10IP 14-03-12No No No No
    3142peter2ca80 10-07-10IP 06-03-1216-03-12 No No No
    4131Moss15-07-10IP 10-02-1210-03-12 No No No
    4131Canada123419-07-10IP 06-03-1208-05-12 No No No
    2121Rawheal23-08-10IP 15-13-1113-04-1208-06-12 No No
    7216Ammartahir 02-09-10IP 18-11-1102-01-12 No No No
    1122Zadmalik13-09-10RVONo No No No
    0213Oasis20-09-10IP 29-05-12No No No No
    0631Getafix21-09-10IP 23-05-12No No No No
    1122Smarty29-09-10IP 24-10-1104-02-12 No No No
    0111Sh_humayun01-10-10IP 23-04-12No No No No
    1122Mrgeminian14-10-10IP 26-12-1124-03-12 No No No
    3112Mind Blowing18-10-10IP 15-03-11No No No No
    0311Hopefulcanadian22-10-10IP 17-04-12No No No No
    Ss188601-11-10IP 19-07-11No No No No
    1111SMSN11-11-10IP 24-04-12No No No No
    4152Darwaish 05-01-11IP 20-05-1127-02-1210-05-1221-06-1228-06-12
    7242Saqisaqi14-01-11IP 30-05-1114-03-12 No No No
    3131Alloushmk18-01-11IP 20-07-11No No No No
    3112fahsan26-01-11RVO 08-04-11No No No No
    0213Muatiq26-01-11IP 15-05-1218-06-12 No No No
    4152Sakhtar01-02-11RVONo No No No
    4152Islamabad17-02-11IP 13-06-1110-08-11 No No No
    3131Shaukat5723-02-11RVONo No No No
    0631Amerian22-03-11RVONo No No No
    7241Mazaeee24-03-11RVO01-11-1110-05-1215-06-12 No
    8222Linksalman04-05-11RVO 11-07-11No No No No
    0111Nhda16-05-11RVONo No No No
    4152Kindeel17-08-11RVONo No No No
    3113Ovais20-08-11IP 19-11-11No No No No
    2121Zee.One14-10-11IP 10-01-12No No No No
    3112Zeecee19-10-11IP 12-02-12No No No No
    7216Whiteknight10109-11-11RVONo No No No

  13. Congrats!!

  14. I am thinking about doing the same. I called the CIC call centre a few times and got the same "it is within the 12-month time frame." I did the test on February 20th, got an FP request for my wife on the same day and they received it on Feb. 27th. Still no movement in eCAS. Please let me know how you did the ATIP and if it helped with moving things along.
  15. hey Sukumaugali
    here is the link ,, and you can even pay using your banking a/c without using a credit card
    Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Online Request

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