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CSQ for Family Class Sponsorship Application (Spouse)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by mimmad, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I was filling out the form IMM008 (planning to live in quebec) and it asked if I had received CSQ - which i have not - and if not, then when I applied for it (haven't applied for it yet). To my understanding, I need to first get federal approval before i apply for CSQ. Is that correct? and if so, then what should I enter here?
  2. Hi

    As stated in the guide: Note: If you are not applying under a Quebec immigration program, check “no” for Question 6 a) and leave 6 c) blank.

    Spousal sponsorship is federal. I suggest you move over to the Family Class section of the forum.
  3. Shortly after receiving your Med Exam, CIC will ask you (*) to submit an «Undertaking Application» to the province of Québec.
    This will lead to the CSQ which will be forwarded to the VO. Then, case processing will continue.

    (*) That request has to be included togheter with the «Undertaking Application» mentionned above.
    Therefore you have to wait for that request. :(

    - March 7th 2018 / The PR application was sent to CIC

    - March 9th 2018 / CIC has received the PR application.

    - April 21st 2018 / CIC confirmed reception of the application.

    - April 27th 2018 / CIC is requesting for «Medical Exam» and «Schedule 'A'».

    - May 8th 2018 / The «Medical Exam» has been completed.

    - May 22nd 2018 / CIC has received the complet «Schedule 'A'»

    - July 10th 2018 / Application has been forwarded to the Visa Office in Mexico City.
    CIC requesting applicants to submit an «Undertaking Application» to MIDI - Québec.

    - Aug. 6th 2018 / Case processing started.

    - Sept. 3rd 2018 / Application received at the Visa Office in Mexico City.

    - Sept. 17th 2018 / «Selection Certificate of Québec» granted.

    - Sept. 27th 2018 / The Visa Office in Mexico City acknowledge the receipt of the application.

    - Jan. 15th 2019 / Case processing .... In Progress .... :rolleyes:

    Good luck ! ;)
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  5. Did you send your csq to the vo via webform?
  6. Hi Lilly 156,

    I understand the «MIDI» sends the «CSQ» directly to «CIC».

    Extract from


    Part 7.

    Décision du MIDI
    Deux décisions peuvent être prises après l’examen de la demande.
    Engagement accepté
    Si la demande d’engagement est acceptée, votre parrain (garant) recevra par courrier une lettre
    confirmant son acceptation, une copie de la demande d’engagement acceptée et une enveloppe
    contenant le certificat de sélection du Québec qu’il doit vous acheminer.
    La décision du MIDI sera directement transmise au bureau de Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada
    (CIC) qui traitera votre demande de résidence permanente.

    MIDI's decision will be forwarded directly to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office
    (CIC) who will process your application for permanent residence.

  7. Not always I was under the impression they would but they still request me to upload my csq, l sent it via webform. I would suggest you do the same to avoid delays
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  8. Well, well, this information is disturbing. I have made a quick search of the forums here and it does not seem to exist a lot of cases regarding CSQ not having been forwarded to CIC. I should contact CIC to know more about this. Thanks a lot for having raised a warning flag.

    May I ask you a personal question. Your VO is Mexico but your avatar is an african flag (Kenya). Are you Kenian sponsering someone living in south america?
  9. Your welcome, hope it helps.
    Am Kenyan but by the time we sent the sponsorship application we were living in south America that's why my vo is Mexico, big mistake I should have sent it once I got back to Kenya its much faster.
  10. Hi ,
    Is there a deadline to apply for the CSQ when you receive the letter. been one month since I receive the lettrr and I sent my CSQ just today..thanks
  11. not really, I sent the documents 20 days after the expired date, they sent me my CSQ anyway
  12. Hi,
    When did you send the documents and when did you receive the CSQ? Looks like they are really slow to have these days..
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  13. on June 3, 2019 the documents arrive at MIDI,
    August 27, 2019 MIDI sends the CSQ
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  14. Since then I am waiting for new instructions from CIC, I have not done the medical exams or the biometrics. What I need to do? Keep waiting?

  15. And what happened? How long did it take to receive new CIC instructions? Do you have the PR?
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