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Counting working experience between graduation and work permit

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Canm, Oct 4, 2017.

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  2. I filled out my personal history with the exact date I started working. But I submitted a LOE that says I am only claiming points from the date I submitted my PGWP application.
  3. Hi Dear ,

    Did u get ur PR? Did they have any questions? Thanks
  4. Hi Jes,

    I hope you see this and help me out. I graduated in Feb 2016 and worked on my study permit and applied for PGWP , Also declared that my work. Back then it wasn't very clear if we could work during this time. They approved my application even after I mentioned that work . But now I'm applying for my PR, so I'm declaring the same experience, should I now consider the work I performed between graduation and before applying for PGWP as illegal ? I'm still not sure. Should I mention this and apologize?? Also I didn't get my final transcripts till mid march. I just don't want to be accused of misrepresentation.
  5. Applications are processed according to the rules in place at the time you apply. If you are applying for EE/CEC now, the work you performed after graduation and before applying for the PGWP is unauthorized and will not count. In your profile, the dates you use to list your work experience should start on the date you applied for your PGWP (that is, it should not include the unauthorized experience). It is probably a good idea to include the letter of explanation.

    I have no idea what the point about final transcripts means : )
  6. Hi Jess, Thank you so much! I'm not actually claiming points for this experience as I have other experience. I'm just wondering if I should answer "yes" to the question if I ever have performed unauthorized work. The reason i mentioned my transcripts is because eventho transcripts say I guduated in Feb, they released the transcripts in March.
  8. PLEASE tell me if you got your PR? Were there any complications because of this? I am in a similar boat but I only did 2 days of work before I applied for PGWP. Please let me know! Thank you in advance.
  9. Anyone on this thread have an update? I'm in the same situation.
  10. Any update on what happened once you applied for PR? Did you include a letter of explanation? Was there complications?
  11. Any updates on this will be very much appreciated! I just learned that you are now only allowed to work up until 20hrs/week until you get confirmation letter, and then you have to stop working immediately until you apply for your PGWP. @Island_vibes did it create any problems for you?
  12. happened to me too, PR application in progress. Will update you guys :)

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