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Costs of Giving Birth in Canada - Permanent Resident (Health Card)

Discussion in 'Health' started by craunchi, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Your whole family should be eligible for health care and in Canada pre-existing conditions are not excluded so you should have no worries. Ontario used to have a problem with people on open work permits but from what I have heard, they have fixed that issue. There may be a 3 month waiting period to get health care depending on what province you are going to.

    If your wife manages to work at least 600 hrs. in Canada before giving birth, she will be eligible for EI maternity benefits.
  2. Whats that? ???
  3. Start reading here: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/sc/ei/benefits/maternityparental.shtml

    A person who has worked at least 600 insurable hrs. and has a baby has the right to get 55% of her wages (up to a maximum of $485 per week) for 15 weeks. That's the maternity benefits. Then there are parental benefits which either your wife or you could take or split which is 35 weeks.
  4. If you bring her to a public hospital, and present her health card, you shouldn't pay for anything.
  5. Dear all

    My family is landing in Toronto on 22nd of April . My wife is expecting in the month of Jan 2019. Kindly let me know that after 3 months of landing will Ontario medical cover pregnancy cost. We are coming on Permanent resident visa.
  6. Yes your family will habe coverage after 3 months. You will be responsible for any costs until then. You may want to lool into insurance for any pregnancy complications. Your wife maybe early enough in her pregnancy to be able to get coverage. You will have to pay for regular OB appointments and any tests.

  7. Kindly let me know how much does OB appoint cost and approx cost for test
    Please let me know do I have to pay the cost after I get the insurance and also hospitalization cost for delivery too

  8. It will vary based on the doctor and location. The good news is that if you avoid the hospital/emergency room and any complications it will lilekly be quite reasonable. Less then $1000 for sure and if I guessed probably more like $500. It all depends what tests need to be done. At that point in her pregnancy you aren't going for weekly visits. Once you receive insurance yes doctors visits, tests, delivery, etc will be covered. Things like prescriptions will not be covered unless you have extended health benefits through work like all other rsidents in Ontario unless you receive welfare. Recently prescription medications for people under 25 years old are now covered by the government.

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