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COPR received after 35 weeks of pregnancy

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by rachit2312, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My first post on this forum. Let me first take you through the timeline:
    Feb 4th 2019: Application submitted through Express Entry - Wife not pregnant
    Mar 18th 2019: Passed the Medical Exam - Wife not pregnant
    Nov 4th 2019: I received an email (read for visa) asking for passport and photographs - Wife pregnant 32 weeks
    Nov 25th 2019: Application approved, COPR issued (Expiry Date: 4th Feb 2020) - Wife pregnant 35 weeks

    Current Situation: Both my wife and I stay in USA and have applied from here. Now my wife's due date is between Dec 16-22. I am yet to receive my COPR (in mail). I have not declared my wife's pregnancy as there was no birth or adoption of child as asked in PPR email.

    Plausible options:
    1. I receive my COPR in this week and we travel by Monday in coming week, do the landing and come back by Tuesday in coming week
    Pros: Our landing will be complete and we will receive our PR card in next couple of months. Also my wife's passport is expiring in May next year, so there will be no hassle of passport change etc. in the application process
    Cons: Traveling in 36th week is not suggested and even airlines would not let us fly. We can drive/go by bus but that would put my wife's child birth in jeopardy. I have also read on this platform that sponsoring a child on your PR takes 6 months to 1 year time.

    2. We give birth to our child in US, then we add him to existing application by declaring to CIC that my wife is 35/36 weeks pregnant after we recieve our COPR.
    Pros: No health issues, adding a newborn to existing application would take less time as compared to sponsorship.
    Cons: a. COPR might expire as it would be difficult to get birth certificate, passport, proof of funds (if applicable), medical of newborn etc.
    b. Our medical might expire which might not get extension
    c. My wife's passport is expiring so that would create issues.

    Please suggest what should be done?
  2. Provided you inform IRCC of the birth before your COPR expires, your app will be re-opened to add the child. Expect another 4+ months of processing time. You may need to get new medical and your spouse will likely need a new passport.
  3. My situation was also like urs..but I preferred to inform cic after I received mail asking to submit passports ...also I didn’t have passport expiry problem..my experience

    My AOR 8th dec2018
    Ppr mail-15th June 2019
    Informed cic about pregnancy and delivery due in July ...cic replies back tat it has put on file on hold and inform them immediately after baby birth..
    Baby born on july 16th,informed cic July 22nd...got a mail on same day to submit baby passport ,medical and fees by August 22nd..
    Somehow collected all the documents and submitted on 15th August...
    Received Ppr mail 26th August..
    Sent passport and got COPR on 5th September,2019..
    Landing was to be done by oct 25th,2019 ...which I did and got my PR..
    I informed cic as I didn’t wanted to get into the process of sponsoring my kid..
    My experience says u should inform cic and add ur kid in existing application..u will have time to do landing till March2020, by then u can easily get ur kids documents and renew ur wife s passport...
    But I am not sure tat if it will be ok with cic that u wl inform them now after receiving COPR...
  4. Option 1 is risky not only because of late pregnancy, but it will mean additional hassle of sponsoring your child for PR in future.

    Option 2 is better. Have the child first, then inform them immediately. Get the child's passport, add child to the application. All of you will get new COPR's, then perform your landing together.
  5. Not to mention that you may not have healthcare coverage or a permanent home before the baby arrived. You could have a baby on the way to Canada since it is not uncommon to have a baby anytime after 36 weeks.
  6. Please go with option 2.

    Adding a child to the application is very common and the only thing that will happen is you'll have to wait a few more months to get your CoPRs. With an infant to care for, you won't even notice the time passing! The expiring passport etc is not an issue, you can renew it. IRCC will give you the time you need to do that. They won't cancel your PR just because you had a baby - as long as you follow their rules.

    Don't risk your wife and child's safety by traveling at this time. Stress-induced labor is not uncommon, and you don't want to be on a bus in the middle of nowhere and have your wife go into labor!

    Also, by having your child in the US, s/he will be an American citizen. Depending on how you feel about the US, this may be an advantage for your kid later in life. S/he can be a dual US-Canadian citizen and will have the option to live, study, and work in both countries.

    In summary - take care of your wife first and have a healthy and happy baby! Everything else can happen later. Good luck.

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