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Citizenship Applications Delivered: October 16-20, 2017 (C6)

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Tonimir, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Those who applies from Toronto, how did they get their Test Invitation? By email or snail mail?
  2. I too decided to reapply mine was also sent on oct 13 but no AOR yet
  3. Ottawa office switched to the overdrive. With that rate we will catch Calgary in no-time.
  4. Please update my status.

    Showing in process from Jan 11 2018
  5. Updated. Congrats
  6. Please update. Status Changed to IP . January 11 2018
  7. Do you guys know what are the next step after "In process" Status. Does in process means that all documents are complete and background check has been done. ?
  8. Please update my status to 'In Process' on Jan 7. Thank you.
  9. Updated. Congrats
  10. Mine was received on October 16th and I still haven't received AOR. It seems that they are lot of issues for applications received around this date.
    I don't think it's lost but it should be waiting in a pile of applications somewhere.
    It's a shame that as an administration they are unable to open the applications in order. Seems to me like the most basic thing while processing requests. First In First Out. Instead applications sent 2 months after are opened before. They are very disorganized.
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  11. cic head office in Sydney checks that all the REQUIRED docs are there and there is no missing info, then they send the AOR.

    In Process stage means that your local office has received your application and the first thing they do the background check and they might ask for further docs.
  12. Updated.
  13. In process does not mean background check has been done. It only means that your file has now been transferred to a local CPC located close to your home address, and background, eligibility, criminality etc checks will now start on your file. Your file won't be returned for incompleteness, but can be rejected or become non-routine should any of the checks fail. IRCC can contact you to provide more information, should it be needed.
  14. It’s too sad I lost my patience I sent my application on 13 October and no AOR yet its seems IRCC is too inefficient in processing application conditionally as FIFO​
  15. Please update my info
    IP 12 jan

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