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Checklist for soft landing

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by armenaz777, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Hello people. We received our CoPR yesterday and planning to land in a month.

    We're going to do soft landing, stay for a week and come back. Our permanent move to Canada would be end of 2019 - early 2020.

    What is a complete checklist that someone doing soft landing should do? Thank you.
  2. SIN is really the only big one. You shouldn't set up banking because you don't want to create ties for tax filing reasons. You don't qualify for health cards because you won't be meeting the residency requirements to get covered.
  3. Thanks for the response.

    I was thinking:
    • SIN (either in Toronto airport or City hall - which one?)
    • Setup banking - no credit card but just debit cards and deposit money to (Why is there a tax problem here?)
    • Get a phone number
    • Health card - we don't qualify because I believe the residency requirements to get covered is 3 months stay?
    • Get another photo taken in Canada in case we receive photo resubmission
    • ... what else?
  4. SIN- tons of locations. Whatever works best for you based on your arrival time especially for the airport. Google the province you are planning on living in. I assume Ontario. There are residency requirements in each province to keep you healthcare coverage. In Ontario for the first year you must be in Canada for the first 5 of 6 months and remain in Canada for 183 days that year I think. You are staying a week and would have to start the process all over again when you reentered Ontario so no point in signing up. I would reread the OHIP information. You don't want to set up banking so you remain a non-resident for tac purposes. Banking doesn't guarantee you would have to file Canadian taxes but best to avoid any ties just in case. Not sure why you want to sign up for a phone or phone number this far in advance but you can if you're willing to pay.
  5. Hi I did the same and only set up my SIN before returning home when I landed in 2012, Drivers License and Health Card I obtained when I came back to settle permanently.
    Banking....be careful as most banks here charge for accounts and I had an issue with HSBC because I did set it up when soft landing.
    Phone number, not really required unless you know you'll be coming back again very soon but even then lots of companies have deals....or well so called deals.
    As for another photo, again really no point because you should be able to do that no matter where you are and send it off
  6. Dear friends,
    I am an Indian working in Myanmar (Burma). I have just received my visa and will be doing a soft landing at this stage. I will land in Toronto in May 2019 and will stay with my brother for 3 weeks before returning to Myanmar. I will give his address for delivery of my PR card which he will arrange to send to me later. I plan to move Canada in 2020 after completing my contract here. I have following queries and will appreciate your comments/guidance:
    1- When and where to apply for SIN?
    2- Do I need to carry an amount equivalent to POF with me or bank statement for amount in my foreign currency account in India will suffice? I want to carry approx USD 2,000 with me.
    3-From above posts, I understand that I should apply for health card on my permanent landing.
    4-As I will land permanently in Canada in summer 2020 (after almost one year), can I still submit Goods to Follow list?
    5-Should I open a Canadian bank account after my first landing?
    6-The amount in USD from my current earning is transferetr into foreign currency account in India and I have to pay approx 1% conversion charges. In the future when I will transfer these funds to my Canadian account, I will have to pay conversion charges again. In India I get approx 4% interes. Is it advisable to keep funds in Indian account or Canadian?
    7- What about taxation if keep my funds in India or Canada?
    8- After obtaining Canadian PR, do I need to show my earnings of Myanmar to CRA and start paying taxes or it will apply after my permanent move?

    Sorry for posting many questions.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. Dear friends,
    Dear friends, reposting my queries with the hope to have some answers.
    Thanks in advance.
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    1) Either at the airport, if available, or at a Service Canada office in Toronto.
    2) Doesn't have to be hard cash. You just need to show that they are immediately available. (Not a pension fund for example)
    3) Do not apply for a health card during a "soft" landing, as you will not be eligible. Apply when you are returning to settle permanently.
    4) The legislation states that the settler exemption only applies when you come to settle for the first time for at least a year. It's not applicable to a "soft" landing.
    5) Yes, you might as well if you able to do so. It may facilitate things in the future. There may be some perks from some banks. Shop around.
    6) There will always be conversion and transaction charges, at every currency exchange. Plan accordingly.
    7) If you are only concerned about cash assets, tax is unlikely to be an issue either way.
    8) Check with CRA if you are concerned but you probably will not be liable for Canadian tax until you become an actual tax resident.
  9. Just contact your brother , he will guide you properly.
  10. Hi everyone , I'm planning to do soft landing. I have few queries..

    1.) Is it possible to to get SIN number in the airport on weekends ? (If I land in Canada on weekends)
    2.) Is it possible to apply for PR card in the airport, If I will land on weekends ?
    3.) Should I bring an updated bank statement with bank sign and seal for the POF ? Or Can i bring the old copy which I have submitted for express entry ?

    Apart from the above documents, is there anything else I should consider while soft landing ?

    I will provide my friend's home address for PR card delivery.

    Thanks in advance..
  11. 1) possibly but it will depend on whether or not the airport Service Canada is open for business.
    2) it's done as part of the landing procedure by CBSA.
    3) always good to be up to date. Avoids any awkward questions.
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  12. Thanks :) but I have read somewhere that the service Canada is open from Monday to Friday. If anyone had any idea about this, please reply..
  13. That's probably true. If so, you will need to go into the nearest external Service Canada or wait until you return to settle. Processing takes about 30 minutes or so. Which airport?
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  14. Toronto .. In that case I should wait till Monday to get the SIN..

    But will there be any problems if I didn't apply for SIN while doing soft landing? Point to be noted is, it may take more than a year for me to travel back to Canada(permanent).
  15. No, as long as you have the signed COPR copy and the CBSA officer has inserted the COPR number & signed under the immigration stamp in your passport, you should be able to get the SIN on Monday.

    PS. Make sure you get that number and signature in your passport...
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