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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by adyk, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. I havegot this thread, hopefully you can assist more or advise me on my query.

    I reside in Khobar working here and my family in India for long vacation. When I receive my ppr do I need to submit my passport along with my dependents in Riyadh visa office via vfs in Khobar. If suppose the ppr letter mention to submit in abu dhabi visa office.

    Second query, as my dependents are in India and I cant get their passport via courier. Should I ask my London visa office to change the Visa office for stamping in India for my dependents and my dependents only can submit in India and can I submit in Khobar vfs to Riyadh.

    Pls your help is appreciated. Thx
  2. Hi. I got my ppr on 5th march. I started my application process from UAE since I was a resident there. Now I am in India. My visa is processed in London visa office. I put a request on the same day to change my VO to Delhi but haven't received any reply yet. If now I travel to UAE for the the processing then what will happen? Is it possible now after I requested for change of VO?

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