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Change of Marital Status after receiving CoPR but before the landing process

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by ayushgupta2802, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    Good day.

    I have received my COPR document and got my passport stamped with the one-time passport. As per the process the next steps for me are to either schedule an interview or do the landing process before 6/6/2019 and formally apply for the PR card.

    My question is that while my current status is 'Single (never married)', I am getting married in January on the 18th of the month outside Canada in my home country of India.
    I was wondering what should my next step be ? Should I take the appointment now and inform the immigration officer about my future plan ? Or, is it possible for me to wait till Feb 1st when am back and then inform the officer that I got married in January - In this case, can they add my wife's name in my application?

    Could you please provide some guidance on what would happen in case of each option? I believe there is a 70-90 gap between the interview and actually receiving the PR wherein I will not be allowed to travel abroad which is concerning to me as my tickets are booked for end of December to arrange for the marriage. Thus, am inclining towards the second option.

    Thanks and Regards
  2. Hello sir,
    My situation is very similar would you please elaborate the process
    When can one inform CIC about the change at the latest
  3. You must land before the expiry of your COPR. You cannot postpone the landing past the date on the COPR unless you ask for it to be reissued, and you will likely need to redo medicals. However, are you already in Canada?

    If you are married before you land and so not update IRCC and have your COPR reissued as married, you will forever be barred from sponsoring your spouse.

    If you land, and then get married, you may return to Canada and begin the sponsorship process for your spouse.

    In your case - you must land as single unless you become court married before June 6. You are not yet married so you are still single. You will then apply for a PR card and hopefully get it before you travel for your wedding.

    The important part - if you are married before you land and do not update your application before you land you will be barred from sponsoring your spouse. Your second option above is not an option.
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  4. Hi PLEASE, I NEED HELP IN FORM OF INFORMATION, my girlfriend got a study permit but she applied as a single applicant but we are planning to get married before she lands, I was wondering whether she will get a problem in applying for an open work permit for me. or she should land then come back and we get married. I would be glad for your feedback
  5. If she is only on a study permit she doesn’t need to advise IRCC that she has gotten married. You should be aware that spouses of international students are not guaranteed a visa/permit.
  6. Thank you so much, you have no idea the weight you just lifted from my chest, thank you, please advice me more, is it better to marry before you land or land then go back and get married? THANK YOU
  7. Neither is better. Get married whevener you want.
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  8. Just a reminder that being married does not assure that you will get an SOWP while your spouse is studying. It says you can apply. If you get denied you will have to wait until your spouse has PGWP and meets the specifications you will be able to get an SOWP.
  9. Thank you for this valuable information
  10. Hi, I just want to ask what to do, because I am a permanent resident of Canada, I landed July 2018. went back to my home country last july 2019, and I am planning to get married on January 2020, will go back to Canada on the same month.
    1. Should I change my marital status here in the Philippines or i'll just do it in Canada
    2. Should I add him as my dependant here in the Philippines or should I just do it in Canada
    3. My papers are still single by that time, what are the things I need to do.
    I would really appreciate if you help me be enlightened with this matter
  11. 1. You do not need to change your marital status.
    2. You do not add him as your dependent. This is not a step in the process.
    3. Once you return to Canada after you are married, you can apply to sponosor him for permanent residency as your spouse through the Family Sponsorship programs.
  12. So if I am planning to go back to Canada after getting married lets say weeks after getting married, I don't need to worry about being interviewed and asked if my status or information has changed? (usually in Immigration part)
    Should I bring a copy of my marriage cert.if i happened to secure one right away? Or should I just do it upon application for sponsorship?
    Lastly, Is it okay for me to just have SINGLE in my marital status when I go back to Canada?

    Thanks a lot. Sorry for having a lot of inquiries, I just want to be sure and do the right thing when I go back
  13. Nobody is going to ask you about your marital status when you return to Canada. If CBSA asks what you did in the Philippines you should of course be honest and say you got married. No need to show your marriage certificate upon return. You will need to change your status to married when you file your taxes and declare your husband’s income at that time.
  14. Thank you so much. that lifts a heavy burden in my chest since I heard stories about conflicts with regard to getting amrried in the philippines and returning without declaring the spouse as a dependent, or is it just applicable to those who are landing for the 1st time?
  15. Also, I really am planning to sponsor Him to go to Canada, but I myself was sponsored not more than 5 years by my Mom. Will that add to complications on my application or not?

    Will it be okay for me to sponsor him even if I am just residing or will reside in Canada (at the time of application) for about 2 or 3 years?

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