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change of employers after being nominated by SINP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by tripplekay, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. hi everyone,

    i am a saskatchewan graduate and i worked with my employer for like 8 months now. i have an open work permit, which is till april 2014. i already got my SINP in january. but few days back, i had some issues with my employers regarding work, so i applied for another job and i got hired too. i started both full time jobs beacause i knew that my first employer is not happy with me. after few days i've been working at both jobs, i got terminated from my first job, through which i got SINP. i have already applied for fedral and am expecting my medical in a week or so. right now am working at my recent job. but the thing, which bugs me is that what if my first employer contact SINP office that they 've fired me, is my SINP going to be cancelled? or what should i do to save my side? or i shud just wait for my medical for another week. if it doesn't come in expected time, then i should contact SINP, that i 've changed my job to this with an offer letter from my recent employer?

    but then again, what should i do with my work permit? i guess, i have to wait for my medical first, if am through that, than i can contact SINP and tell dem about change of my employer with an offer letter. so that i can get an open work permit with my fedral file number?

    please guide me and correct me wherever am wrong.

  2. Did you get your medical yet?
  3. hi tripplekay.... i am in the same situation.. got my nomination this march 2014 and left my job ....i just applied for pr but nothing heard back from CIC regarding file number or anything.....I guess we are going to be safe ...but reply if know have any opinion or news...

    but as far i know dont tell sinp or cic anything until they ask for it.,.
  4. just to update my topic, i got my PR without facing any problems.
    CIC doesn't care about changing the employer as long as you have a full time job.

    " everyone knows one cannot think of spending his whole life with one employer until or unless other great oppurtunities comes your way. "

    ;) ;D
  5. Hey bro im in same situation now I need help contact me i am in saskatcewan too 306-513-5254

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