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Centennial college 2020 jan gather here and share information and updates regarding the application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkaran, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. there are no such issues if you are doing work from that time....it will not consider as a gap
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  2. they are telling that chances are too less for this intake ,if someone cancel there application or will not pay fees than they will give offer letter to us .and what is profile ??
  3. hnn just hope for the best....
    My profile: 10th - 9.6 cgpa
    12th - 91% (medical)
    overall 9 cgpa in bachelors. in biotechnology
    ielts - 6.5 band with not less than 6 in any module
  4. yes ,hope for the best
  5. have you applied in some another college also?
  6. No. Actaully got mixed review for loyalist so i have only applied in centennial college
    wbu ?
  7. yes gap should not be more than 5 years from the time of graduation.
  8. it is a good college....my cousin gathered info about that....evn i m also thinking to apply for that rather than waiting much for centennial
  9. oh
    okay great , just let me know when are you applying for loyalist
  10. i have applied today along with my 3 friends in loyalist.
  11. I just offer letter for seneca
  12. which course
  13. oh great congrats ,they rejected my application becoz i didnt had maths subject in my 11 12 academic
  14. I didn't have maths either. But i think I got accepted because I have a Bsc.
    Although I'll have trouble with Visa now because it's a UG course

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