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Centennial college 2020 jan gather here and share information and updates regarding the application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkaran, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. I applied for computer systems and networking technology fast track for jan 2020 intake..
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  2. I applied for global business management. I applied on july 17 and got an offer letter next day.
  3. Please share your profile and also from which agent you applied
  4. Agents -wwics
    10th -65%
    12th - 59%
    Ielts 6.5
    Work experince - almost 2 years
    I am still working in dubai.
  5. What is the fees for one year of your program
  6. 16900 $, they have asked me to deposit 2300 $ to book my seat.
  7. I applied for biotechnology on June 12th. Didn't receive any reply yet
  8. Your agent ..?
  9. Not on June. I applied on July.
  10. i have applied for biotechnology advanced track (co-op program) on 12th july for jan 2020 but didn't get any reply yet.
  11. Even I'm waiting for the same
  12. when did you apply for the program?
  13. July 12
  14. do you have any idea that when will they issue offer letter?
  15. No idk.

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