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Centennial college 2020 jan gather here and share information and updates regarding the application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Navkaran, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. hqve anyone received offer letter of PG program software engineering fast track???in cenetennial?
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  2. For those who are applying for student visa with spouse working permit and dependent child, is it possible that the spouse and dependent child got approved, but not the student permit?
  3. I have applied for biomedical engineering technology fast track on july 12 havent got any confirmation from their side
  4. is there anyone who get confirmation letter in biotechnology advanced diploma fast track (co-op program)
  5. they told me the the same thing...and also that they cannot gurantee seats for waitlisted students as there are numerous applications and all seats are already full due to less availability of seats for jan intake
    ..thats why i m also in worry
  6. You applied by your own or through an agent? Which program you have applied?
  7. idp and sof engg. fasttrack
  8. When did you apply?
  9. and what about those who didn't get any reply or mail from their side?
  10. Hello everyone
    I applied for electronics engineering technician on 24 July
    Yesterday I got offer from centennial college
  11. you have applied after +2 or graduation?
  12. After 12th
  13. congratulations
  14. through which agent?
  15. You just call them and ask what is the update I will give you number
    This is their bangalore office contact number. They will give you info. Please let me know also

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