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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has taken the CELPIP recently, even though it is unlikely the topics will be the same in regards to Writing & Speaking, however, it could be of help to study it. I took it in January but i retaking it in a month, need to improve my Writing & Speaking from an 8 to a 9.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Yes i did, improved my Writing to 9 but Speaking remained on 8
  3. While on IELTS getting 7 in writing is the toughest, on Celpip getting 9 is the same but for speaking

  4. Hi.

    Can we attempt same practice tests more than once?

    I purchased the pack of 10 practice tests. I am wondering if i could practice each test more than once?
  5. Hi there,

    Yes, you can practice as much as you want until it's expiration dated

  6. Great !!

    Thanks a ton !

  7. If you don't mind, would you like to share your CELPIP results, experience and any valuable advice??

    Just getting a bit curious because haven't seen much people appearing for CELPIP !
  8. 1st Attempt: L11, R12, W8, S8
    2nd Attempt: L9, R12, W9 (After re-evaluation), S8

    Have to practice as much as you can. I strongly suggest getting a tutor for Writing and Speaking, even if English is your mother tongue. CELPIP can be tricky.
  9. How do you rate the difficulty level as compared to ielts?

    In my ielts exam i scored R 8.5, L8.5, S 7.5 and W 6.5.

    What do think, what are my chances of achieving 9999 in Celpip?
  10. You gotga pretty good scores I would stick with IELTS and just expand vocabulary for writing.

    On Celpip you would also need to study the test format, etc.
  11. Tired of it. It was my 3rd and every time my Writing scores are fluctuating.

    Been thru the test formats of celpip and i felt pretty comfortable with Listening and reading.

    Yeah, we need to have a good grip over speaking but that looks interactive too.
  12. I understand it gets frustrating. My wife got the desired result on the 4th attempt, she also felt discouraged and tired of it but at the end of the day it goes to how bad you want to get it.

    At one point, she did both IELTS one day and CELPIP the next day.
  13. where u r prepring for celpip..do u have any material or u suugest me some website
  14. From Paragon's website, they sell their own material.
  15. Hi All
    I am Planning to attend the CELPIP as a primary candidate.Does it require your spouse to pass in the CELPIP to add the score to my CRA.

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