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Discussion in 'Education' started by SPMH, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Who have Study material of CELBAN, Kindly send me. My Email is jhita.manpreet@gmail.com. Your help will be great favor for me. Thanks Much!
  2. Hello Group,

    Kindly send me CELBAN study material. My Email is ashsinwar@gmail.com.

    Thank you.
  3. can you help me? I am preparing to do it on march. Thanks
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    Hi everyone,
    I want to thank all those who gave me celban materials when I asked,God bless you all.
    I passed with Listening 10,Reading 9,Speaking 9 and Writing 7.
    I was scared of my writing because I didn’t finish but God did it.
    I am willing to help coach anyone who may need help free of charge.Goodluck Nurses.
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  5. Hi everyone, would you please send me your CELBAN preparation material to my email: prativak55@gmail.com. You help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, anyone here have a CELBAN reviewer? Can u please send me your copies? My email add is mbpangel22@yahoo.com
  7. Congratulations to you.

    Would you mind if you can send me a copy of your Celban reviewer please? I would really appreciate it if you do. My email add is mbpangel22@yahoo.com
  8. Hi Guchi!
    Congratulations..Can you please help me to prepare for celban. Also when did you appeared for your exam and what was your writing and speaking contents? How was the listening? Is it easy to get 10 in listening? How did you practice for listening?
  9. Hi I am wondering where do you find materials to study and practice for the exam? I would apreciate ur reply. Thanks
  10. I have not got any material yet. I am looking for it too.. Have you got any?
  11. None also. I am hoping that those who has done the exam can spare us a copy of their review materials
  12. Also it would be great if someone could share the questions of speaking and writing as exam paper is almost the same for three consecutive months
  13. Hi,

    We have the same situation and haven’t heard from them yet. Submitted the rescore form on Dec 12 and no response yet. May I know what’s the result of yours?
  14. Hi Guchi!

    Congratulations for your success! I did my CELBAN last October and my Listening score was 9 so I didn’t pass. Could you please share your preparation materials, any writing or speaking sample? How did you practice for listening? Or any advice to help me to prepare for the celban. I’d really appreciate your help. My email is: bb747bb@gmail.com

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