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Discussion in 'Education' started by SPMH, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I am going to take my celban exam on Sep 30th.Can anyone please help me by sending the review materials for celban. Am tired of searching online. Your help is much appreciated. My email id is abeyammu1@gmail.com.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi mc_geh,

    Congratulations for passing celban.
    Could you please help me for my celban exam. I have booked for next month. Could you please send the materials to my email id, it's abeyammu1@gmail.com. Please.....
    Thanks in advance
  3. Hi winter rose,

    Have you taken your celban exam??? What was your questions for speaking and writing
    Could you please help me by sending your review materials?? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi,
    Please can anyone help me with CELBAN Materials, am taking the exam very soon. my email: dtabimbola@yahoo.com. Thank you all
  5. Hi, I am preparing for CELBAN .I have my exam next month so i need some help if anyone have any materials plz share with me. Do anyone have some tips for exam preparation then suggest to me . it will be great help for me.thanks. My id :- pdisha209@gmail.com.
  6. Hi, I have my exam next month so if u have any materials plzz share with me . it will great help for me
  7. Hii, I have my exam next month.can u send me celban materials? it will great help .thanks in advance.MY id :- pdisha209@gmail.com
  8. Hi everybody, could anyone who receive the material send it to me, please, thanks a lot! :)
  9. Hi everyone ,
    I am so desperate in finding materials for Celban. I only have the free online from the website. Can anyone please send me review materials.My email is amidst0207@yahoo.com.Any help will be much appreciated
  10. Hello guys, I did my CELBAN this october and my scores are 10 Listening , 9 reading and writing but speaking i got 7. i need 8 in speaking. i planned to have my speaking re scored. anyone here who happened to have speaking re scored and passed? please give me hope Thank you
  11. Hi,Is there anyone writing Celban in Saskatoon this Nov.If yes,please contact me.
  12. Hi Blessymay ,

    Hopefully you get marks after recheck .
    Will you please let me know how you were preparing for celban
  13. Hi spmh! I really appreciate for helping us out regarding with the CELBAN test. Can you please share it ...the celban material to me please? I am scheduled for celban on feb 10th 2018. I am searching for the resources. Please help me .My email id ispriyathomasvt@gmail.com
    Please and thank you so much

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