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CEC September 2019 applicants join here for updates

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by nidhip, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. Sorry, mines March 20 not April.
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  2. ITA- 20 August
    AOR- 12 September
    MEP- 7 oct
    Still file in process,
    Any update guys?
  3. AOR- 18th Sep, MEP- 9th Oct, no updates.
  4. AOR Sept 20
    MEP Oct 11
    no update yet :(
  5. IRCC is on pre-Christmas holiday. Don't disrupt them.
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  7. Santa will bring us PPRs
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  8. I called them and they said
    My MEP was 7 oct
    They checked my file on 16 oct
    After that no update.
  9. Yeah my friend in government (not IRCC) told me everyone goes on vacation in December and tell me not to be sad if theres a slowdown =_=
  10. But after December in January 2020, they'll be on post-Christmas holiday while we work on post-graduation work permits.
  11. No major movements on Sep AOR.
  12. Breaking the monotony, where did you find out which visa office is processing your application?
  13. called IRCC a week after my MEP.
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