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CEC September 2019 applicants join here for updates

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by nidhip, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. HI,

    Kindly add your details and progress updates, if you submitted documents for Express Entry under Canadian Experience Class on September 2019.

    Thank you
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  2. Received Invitation Letter today.
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  3. I hope I'm in the right group. I applied for my job approval letter from SINP on August 30.Still awaiting the approval.
  4. Hi,
    I got my ITA on Sep 4th, AOR on Sep 6th, and my VO is Sydney, NS.
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  5. I received ITA Sept 18th.
    Applied Today Sept 23rd. Received my AOR today Sept 23rd.
    Applied for BOWP today too Sept 23rd because my status is expiring Oct 28th.

    Whewwwwww!! I'm officially so tensed up lol.
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    ITA Sept 18th
    AOR Sept 23rd
    CEC inland

    PGWP expiring in NOV and right now a click away from BOWP. Wanna wait till the last minute who knows I might be able to save $255, fingers crossed. ;)
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  7. Seems we are in the same pace.
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  8. Hi all,
    I received ITA on Sep 4th and submitted my documents on Sep18th. I received AOR on Sep18th itself, and now my application is under review.
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  9. In most cases, they process your application on a priority basis. If your documents are all correct, you should get your PR with a month or two.
  10. Yeah that's what I heard too, but I doubt I can get it before Nov.
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  11. Is there anyone here who is currently based in Quebec or has a work offer from Quebec?

  12. Almost same as mine as well.
    ITA Sep18
    AOR Sep20
    CEC inland.
    PGWP expired at Oct 2020.
  13. Thank you. How do we know which Visa Office our case is at? I am in phase of post e-AOR waiting for next update.
  14. I called them, but that was to know about changing jobs while my application is being processed. Was informed about my visa office then.
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  15. Hey Guys,
    Received my ITA on Aug 12, and submitted my PR application on Sep 19, Received my AOR the same day.

    In my PR application there is nothing about me being CEC. is that Normal? I had the CEC when I was in express entry pool and after I received the ITA

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