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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. guys i wanna to immigrate to canada but i know nothing about this immigration process so is there anyone who can tell total process
  2. There is a decision made update, after that update, you will receive your passport within a week.
    Currently it takes around 3-4 weeks after pp was received, so be patient you will receive it eventually.
  3. I called CIC today to check the "exact" status of my application because I did not hear anything new after the Medical Passed and We are processing your background check... status in early July. Got no help from CIC customer service in understanding the exact status. Rep said it is well under 6 months processing time and call us if you don't hear anything by November. How do u guys know about your file location and status of the background check etc.?
  4. I received an interview schedule today. But my CIC account status doesn't change. It still shows final decision not made.
    My timeline:
    AOR: May 4th, 2019
    Med Passed: June 18th, 2019
    The first ghost email: June 18th, 2019
    The second ghost email: August 8th, 2019
    Inland two applicants.
    We will go to immigration office tomorrow for an interview.

    Does anyone knows what the interview gonna be? what questions they will ask?
    Does the interview means we will receive PR soon?
  5. congratulations .. this is an interview for CoPR. where is the interview? and do you know your Visa Office?
  6. By simply asking cic customer service rep.
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    Type: CEC

    Submitted: May 08
    AOR: May 08
    Medical Passed : June 19
    RCMP Certificate Requested: Jun 19
    RCMP uploaded : Jul 4
    Other Police Certificates requested: Jul 04
    Other Police Certificates uploaded: Aug 02
    Send Original Police certificates to Edmonton: Aug 6 8AM
    Refusal letter: Aug 06 4PM :-(

    Refusal reason: work experience is not valid because I was issued study permits and was a full time student at the same time when I am working

    My Comment: I don't think that they look on to my application properly. They just assumed that I am a full-time student at the period when I am working because of the issued study permits. To be clear, I hold PGWP also as I graduated with different program. I applied study permit while I have the work permit and this is OK as confirmed by IRCC before I started my application for study permit. Going back to my case, when I was working, I am studying part-time (night time, tough schedule) for 3 semesters/ 3 courses per sem/ 9 hours per week. Though I didn't submit any explanation on this, but my education transcript was included in my application and they can see in there that I am a part-time student when I am working.

    I hope that you can get something from my case.

    PS. I am waiting for the next draw and submit letter of explanation.
  8. I'm sorry to hear this. Good luck next round.
  9. So glad finally I got the golden email yesterday
    After waiting for this email for more than 7 years in Canada.
    I have been patient for all that long .....

    I’ve a question, once we send passport to visa office ... when will I get my PR and health card...
  10. congratulations!.. whats your timeline and VO?
  11. Thank you

    ITA April 15 ,2019

    AOR May 16 , 2019

    PPR - Aug 8 , 2019
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  12. Congratulations! My AOR is exactly the same as yours and my ITA was April 3, 2019.

    This gives me hope that my PR application will be done sooner rather than later, thank you!
  13. All the best... hope you get the golden email soon
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  14. Did you get any update since RPRF?
    Hi, I got RPRF request on July 9th. Did you get any update since RPRF?
  15. Hello, I have a question. 1560 hours calculation.
    My first job , flexible part time, sometimes 8 hours or 10 or 30 hours, as 2nd lnaguage instructor for 1370 hours so far and still continuing (March 2018 - ). Lately, i got a second job also a 2nd language professor, that is full time, and already worked 300 hours (June 10 - ). So working both jobs right now.
    Is it possible to claim both jobs for one year full time experience CEC ? No overlapping risk? Reference letters for all of them?

    Thank you

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