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CEC March / April 2018 Applicants express entry

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Shail112, Dec 12, 2018.

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    review required, please review, a11.2 appears met, r.87 appears met, ready to finalize
    reason for review deleted

    [​IMG] upload
  2. Hey bro how are you doing ? I read one of the earlier post that you were planning to move to Australia...
  3. Yes preparing for that too :) , I sent my docs for ACS assessment and preparing for PTE.
  4. These guys have calculated my points wrong by looking at my old profile which I withdrew (long story) and put my file on review required forever. I asked them to withdraw my application and at least refund my money. They said "Your request has been noted and we will get back shortly" 2 months ago. I will ask MP to ask an update. Its my last trick up my sleeve.

    GCMS notes have no progress, except criminality passed.
    CSIS ATIP report says they don't have any info about my file.
    CBSA ATIP send me a CD which has the same GCMS notes with all the docs I have uploaded.

    No idea what is going on. So I guess once your application goes to CIC's blackhole, there is no escape :(
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  5. Your upload was blocked, can you attach the image again of gcms please ?
  6. oh really? but i still can see the picture myself


  7. Thanks now I can see it. There is some information redacted, which ends with "PLEASE REVIEW" , do you know what that is ? Maybe in your previous gcms it wasn't redacted ? They cannot delete any info once they put in your file. They can only redact when they give you the file.
  8. so why they do redact....:(

    they coudn't verify my employer presence online..they did verify it partly though...i sent an LOE in august, so when i ordered notes in october and november..they redacted that part...?
  9. Maybe as it do not apply anymore since you have provided explanation. But why redact it.
    As far as I know, they redact parts of notes which do not belong to you ( eg: your spouse if they haven't given consent to release information) and if its a security concern under some Section like S.xx something.
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  10. so i'm speechless now....:eek::D
  11. Still waiting as well guys.. even after approval, been waiting for a month for the email
  12. have you tried to contact the responsible office directly?
  13. Yep, emailed almost all the offices here in Canada lol
  14. Congrats to both of you, at least you have application approved. So I guess I am the only one in April 2018 whose application went into a blackhole :)
  15. That means your due next for approval, hang in there buddy...
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