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CEC March / April 2018 Applicants express entry

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Shail112, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. I have applied under express entry, CEC in April 2018. But they are still processing my eligibility requirements? Does anyone know why delay in few files?
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  2. Did you call up the call centre or order gcms notes to know the details of your application?

    The online portal will only show the status that you mentioned above, till the time your passport is stamped with the visa
  3. Yes I have applied for GCMS notes, five days ago. But, it is strange that it is taking this long to process the file.
  4. I applied in March 2018, I still haven't heard anything back.
  5. Have you asked for GCMS notes?
  6. Hi,
    I am in the same situation too.
    CEC - Inland
    AOR- march 25, 2018
    Med Pass : April 5, 2018
    Eligibility-Under review

    No Additional documents request till now.
    No update.
    Ordered GCMS notes 40 days ago, but no reply.

    Do files get rejected after 9 months with NO request for additional documents ?
    Kindly advise
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  7. That’s what I’m wondering, but I heard when the file is under investigation, it takes long time.
  8. What kind of investigation do you mean? Can you please explain !!
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  9. Well I don’t know that. Maybe double checking documents!!
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  10. i am in same situation guys. I am may applicant CEC express entry. I only passed medical. My eligibility is still under review same like you guys. Eligibility review is like an enemy to a person to get PR in a time. Your file keep waiting in que for review. I applied through lawyer and still he missed one document and it caused this eligibility review mess. I hope we all passed our eligibilty very soon. Patience is an only option we hv right now.
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  11. Also in review required
  12. what is your AOR?
  13. Any updates anyone ? Mine is April 2018 AOR, still under eligibility review required. No updates after that. :(
  14. AoR March 1, 2018
    RR since March 16, 2018 a11.2 appears met r.75 appears met
    Criminality passed July 25, 2018 (ghost update)
    Medicals expired January 29/30, 2019 (ghost update)
    no ADR requested so far...nothing
    Raised CSE many times, was told to wait till Feb 27, 2019..if not hear back/decision made, welcome to call/raise CSE again...
    Dont know what to think anymore..
  15. What does your GCMS notes say ?
    My criminality also passed after a ghost update long time back. Now I am thinking of contacting MP.

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