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CEC - February 2019

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by 123ganda, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. it does say Passed. no where in my GCMS notes says recommended pass except for the program assistant.
  2. What does info sharing mean?
  3. immigration info about your whareabouts in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand... mostly immigration records
  4. When does this stage usually happen? Before security? I didn’t ask for that during my last call with IRCC, it has to happen with every case?
  5. I'm not sure. All I know that they share this info. Especially with the USA. That's how they know if a person has lied about refused visas, etc..
  6. just talked to CIC

    AOR: Feb 27
    Medical Passed: April 5
    Criminality & Eligibility: In progress
    Security: Not Started
    Visa Office: Montreal

    CIC website states 11 more weeks

    Anyone know how long it might take? Montreal office faster/slower than Edmonton?
  7. Got my landing interview letter from CIC - etobicoke
    My timeline:

    Feb 21 19 aor
    April 03 19 mep/ip2
    May 03 ghost update
    June 13 Landing interview letter
    cec ee inland
    vo montreal
  8. Congrats! Once you done, please share your experience!
  9. Sure, will do

  10. congrats. When you received the interview letter, what was the estimated remaining processing time in the CIC website said?
  11. Hello everyone. I have got AOR on feb 23 2019. My medicals were done on April 4. After that no update but when I called CIC; agent told ne review required. I m inland cec applicant. Everything is perfect in my file. I have no doubts. But what does review required means to them? Any suggestions please. That would be helpful
  12. the landing interview will be the last step of your PR application. You just need to bring your passport and 2 photo to the IRCC office and they will finalize it for you. Sign the documents and go home and wait for PR to be mailed to you. Speaking of processing time, it depends on which day the CIC office scheduled u. It is usually in one or two weeks. Foe me, personally, I get the landing interview letter on June 13th and have been schedule on June 25th. So it should be completed in a short time once u received the landing interview letter. Hope this answered ur questions and good luck to you.
  13. I have the almost same timeline with RR. Did you order GCMS notes?
  14. No I haven't order them yet.
  15. Order them ASAP! You want to know why they require a review on the application
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