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CEC February 2019 applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by thaitran26291, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. I dont really know because last time it wasnt there. Maybe their system is down or something. After I got my Medicals passed the status bar kept n progressing at it shows every time i log in. Good luck!
  2. AOR Feb 13, no updates so far. People who have AOR after me are getting their medicals updated. I am extremely nervous right now.
    I called the toll free number to check if there is some info I can get over the phone, but found nothing there either. anyone with the same situation?
  3. Hi, My 1 year completes in Canada in May'19 . However I have got my ITA today i.e. Apr'19, a month before completion of 1 year. It says that I am eligible under CEC .. I am confused should I be happy or not ? :-( !! Can I go ahead and accept the invite and start the process ?
  4. if you claimed points on one year of experience in Canada, then absolutely you need to NOT accept the invitation. otherwise go a head.
  5. CIC system considers month not actual dates while calculating year xp, kind of bug....accept ITA only after ur 1 yr completion date, keep declining ITA's until u reach ur work anniversary. (Should be working atleast a year)....
  6. Hi, I did not do anything, I just filled the form. The CIC website did some calculation on its own and I was surprised when it automatically added me to the CEC , gave additional points and also sent an invite..
  7. Ok, so I will decline the invite and wait... Thank you.
  8. Yes, by declining ITA, you will be back in the pool with no change, just few more days to go until the next ITA, after your 52 weeks xp.
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  9. AOR Feb 18th
    MEP Apr 4th
    RCMP request - Apr 4th - > gave the RCMP check with fingerprints today. Will get the report hopefully within few weeks.

    Anyone else here got RCMP check with fingerprint request?
  10. I did mine upfront
  11. I did upfront as well, just a few days before ITA, it usually takes about 10 days to 2 weeks-ish for you to get your RCMP report, including shipping to your mailbox
  12. RCMP needed as well ?
  13. RCMP report is not required to submit. However, there are some cases that CIC needs to verify your name and your record in Canada. Especially when someone’s name is too popular, and may be similar to a guy who committed crimes.

    If you want your application go smoothly, just submit it to CIC. It is not pricey, just about 50+ bucks and one single travel.
  14. Hey .. I am feb. 23 2019 AOR and got the similar request for "Certified Criminal record check". Just did it today but the question is do we still need to provide them Biometrics?
  15. Hey..Despite this fingerprints based "Certified Criminal Records check" do we still need biometrics?

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