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CEC February 2019 applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by thaitran26291, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. CIC won't ask for Biometrics if you are CEC applicant. That is what I've heard as Biometrics is asked for candidates outside Canada.

    When did you applied for RCMP fingerprint check? How long they say it will take for you to receive the RCMP clearance letter? Mine has still not come and its been more than a week and a half.
  2. This is incorrect; I’m CEC and have been asked for biometrics, and supplied them, as have others.

    Not all CEC candidates are inland.
  3. Thanks for correcting, I should have said CEC Inland but that's what I was referring to.
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  4. Hello All, I have 16 years of experience out of which close to 8 years is with the same company I am with right now, I was in Europe for 5 years and now completed 1 year here in Canada (CEC Applicant). Do I have to provide job reference letters for all the companies since last 16 years including the different roles I played in those companies OR I have to give only for the last 3 years. I was told if we share for last 3 years that would be enough.. any thoughts ?
  5. Hey.. Even I have not received them yet. I got them done 3 weeks ago, still waiting for results. How about yours?
  6. I received it within about 3 weeks post request.
  7. Mine too. Have you received any update after the submission?
  8. Hey have you got your PR? How long it took after this RCMP submission?
  9. No update after the submission. How about you?
  10. Nothing after that. I even called them they say its still in progress.
  11. Hay Folks, Did anyone get PPR recently ? My AOR is 19 FEB, CEC inland . I didn't get any update since MEP (2nd April2019 ) . Anyone in same boat ?
  12. Same here.. AOR 18feb and no update post MEP. I guess the process will take its defined time due to large number of applications.
  13. Hi There,
    MEP, 2nd of April2019. same boat. did you call the IRCC? any updates regarding eligibility, crim, secur etc...
  14. I believe so, people will start getting their PPR from middle of June!
  15. CEC outland (UK)
    Two applicants - common law
    AOR Feb 10
    MEP March 28
    PPR May 28

    Best of luck everyone :D

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