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CEC - Employment History Question

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by nihalpandit, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. I would greatly appreciate if someone can answer my query. My CSR points total is 470 and my work history is as follow:
    Graduated on 26th aug and got my PGWP on 18th Oct.
    5th Sept 2016 - 30th Dec 2016 (Company A)
    2nd Jan 2017 - 20th October 2017 (Company B)
    Went to India for 3 weeks
    13th Nov 2017 to 19th Oct 2019 (Company C)
    All Canadian full-time Work Experience

    On the CIC profile page they only use month and year so I am bit confused, am I eligible for PR under CEC or will the PR get refused as a Technicality error.

    On the CIC profile page it says that I'm eligible For CEC.

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  2. You are aware that you need only 1 year of skilled Canadian work experience to be eligible for CEC, right?

    Assuming you have a skilled NOC (you don´t state the NOC), then.... what are you concerned about?
  3. Thanks for the reply and the NOC code for all the jobs are the same.

    my concern is that on my express entry profile the work experience points are for 3 years but I have a gap of more thn two weeks.
  4. There is no "continuity" requirement for CEC...
  5. I guess the requirement would then be 1564 hrs * 3 ?

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