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CEC April 2019 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by SheriffWho, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. If under Federal Skilled Worker Program, yes he needs to withdraw his application. He needs at least IELTS writing 6.0 which is equivalent to CLB 7. If under Canadian Experience Class, he is fine. The minimum requirement is CLB 5 (i.e. IELTS writing 5.0).

  2. My timeline:
    CEC - Inland
    ITA: April 3rd
    AOR: April 15th
    MEP: May 28th (no email, but received 2 updates: MEP status updated,BG status updated from NA to: We are processing your BG check......)
    Ghost Update 1: May 29th (Received email, nothing changed)
    Ghost Update 2: June 5th (No email, profile just said 'Updated'. Nothing changed)
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  3. Hi guys
    Any one please can explain that

    We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you.

    You may not hear from us for a little while, this is normal. Most of the progress on your application happens closer to your estimated completion date.
  4. This is a generalization of your application status. CIC usually says this so that people don't panic when they don't see any updates for a long period of time. Your application gets in a queue, when an AOR is sent to you, and will be tended to when it's turn comes up, so if there are a lot of applications in the queue before yours, then there'll be a longer wait time. However, they'll make sure to complete the processing of your application by the time the deadline is reached.

    For update on every facet of your application, you should refer to the table/ list below with each component and their respective statuses.
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  5. Thank you for your answer
  6. Hi all,

    I applied under CEC
    Application : 22nd May 2019
    ITA: 29th May 2019
    Documents submitted: 18th june, 2019
    AOR: 19th june, 2019

    My file currently says - you do not need medical exam, interview, etc. Is that a good sign? Its not even been 24 hours since submission.
  7. Its very very early in your application. Just be patient, it will take about 6 weeks (hopefully earlier) for your medicals to pass. Lets take it one milestone at a time.
  8. Thank you. I was just not sure what this meant. But now i know its not medical passed message. Its just that i dont require it :) Thanks
  9. That is OK. Just take some time and read other peoples timelines. It will give you an idea what to expect. Then again no 2 applications are the same. Hopefully yours comes very quick and does not follow the timelines here. Good luck with your process.
  10. This place is super helpful to understand. Thank you so much for your good wishes and good luck to everyone here. Hope everyone gets positive responses soon :)
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  11. Your application looks like in IP2 stage.
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  12. I've observed/ heard that most of CEC applications show IP2 after MEP even if IP1 might not have started. But receiving ghost updates is a good sign, it means the application is moving forwards.
  13. That's right CEC inland applicants usually skip the IP1 stage and move straight to IP2 after their medicals pass.
  14. Here is my case

    Express Entry / CEC / PNP/INLAND
    1 Dependent

    AOR April 1, 2019

    MEP May 13, 2019
    IP2. May 17 ,2019
    Got first Ghost update around same day

    I called CIC and they said that Application looking good
    Everything passed except Security and final review
    VO Sydney, Nova Scotia

    Today Got another ghost update application/profile updated, but nothing changed.
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  15. What is ip1 and ip2 stage? If you can explain?

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