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CCB benefits

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mngarg, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Recieved a letter from CRA asking letter from Landlord with rental details as of date of landing (April 2018) otherwise CCB will stop; but landlord is only ready to write from Jan 2019 as he has taken rent as cash in 2018.

    Pls advise what are my options?
  2. Did you not sign standard lease form at the time of renting?
  3. Then you just might have to write a letter indicating the landlord was only paid in cash. The landlord obviously from wanting only cash, and not wanting to write a letter with the rental details did not declare the funds in question on his income tax return.
  4. I did. And I also have a copy of deed.
    But on the same time not want my landlord to be in trouble for not showing rent.
  5. Any option where landlord also wont fall in trouble either?
  6. The landlord committed tax fraud by not reporting the rental income. You will be providing proof of that. Whether CRA decides to take action on it, no one can say.
  7. Would include other proof that you have been living in Canada on top of your lease to reinforce the issue. Things like credit card or bank statements that show regular use would prove that you have been in Canada during that time. Are you not working? You should have had proof based on your 2018 income tax.
  8. the law must be respected. If you in any way cooperated with the landlord for tax evasion willingly, you would face legal punishment if and when a conviction is issued.

    North America is a land of the law. Thus understand what you were proposing is not "being nice", but willing cooperation of criminal activities in the eyes of the law.

    Stop worrying about what a criminal would face. Just do your part as a law-abiding citizen
  9. Well the reason you are having problems getting the CCB is because he is evading paying taxes on income earned, and by him not wanting to write a letter, he knows it. Where do you think the CCB comes from ? Taxes paid on income from taxpayers. And you are worried about someone not playing by the rules, and causing you a issue on getting the CCB ??
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  10. OP will not face any legal repercussions if their landlord has failed to declare the rental income.
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