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CAQ QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sillysassysally, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,

    In step 7 of the online application, I got this message.

    "Step 7 - Financial information. You are not required to provide information about your financial situation. Click on the "Next" button to continue"

    What does this mean exactly? I thought it's standard to provide proof of funding. I wasn't worried about this when I applied in for my CAQ last month but it seems like everyone in my program submitted proof of financial support for their CAQ. I'm beginning to wonder why mine was different... Did i perhaps apply for the wrong thing[​IMG]!!!
  2. I think its hard to apply thru online,its a lot better if you send hard copy and direct it to the embassy. I think that is a wrong pathway because financial document should be presented. From which country are you coming from?
  3. I applied online but was also given a list of documents to send to them... I am applying from Nigeria

  4. Okay,then you should clarify that area. Maybe they wanted you to send the financial documents, not thru online.
  5. They didn't list it as a document i must submit
  6. Oh, thats a big problem.. you should them to clarify . What visa are you applying?
  7. You should ASK
  8. sure!

  9. Hey there! I recently applied for caq and came across a similar situation. Have you received your caq?
  10. Hi Everyone!
    I want to clarify that most countries other than France, and some European countries do not need to submit financial documents.
    In such instances your financial capacity would be checked by the IRCC when you apply for the study permit.
    This is because Quebec is the only province of Canada where immigration is controlled mostly by the province rather than the federal government.
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  11. DO NOT SUBMIT EXTRA DOCUMENTS!! Just submit documents mentioned in the CAQ checklist as mentioned when you are filling out the questionnaire.
    P.S. As per my knowledge, Nigerian applicants do not need to submit financial documents at this stage.
  12. Yes i have received my CAQ!

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