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Canda Express Entry. proof of fund issue.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by gazeMe, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. I applied through express entry and My AOR is jun 2019. Its been around 4 months.
    As proof of fund I put only FD certificate which was only 15 days old. the money was transfered to my account from a friend of my father.
    Now What should I show as the source of fund ? I dont know what to do. please guide me.
  2. Did you include any paperwork with your application (e.g. gift deed) to prove this money was a gift and who it came from?
  3. No I did not because I heard that Gift deed works only in the case of a blood relative. Friends can not give a gift deed
  4. I understand that - did you provide any explanation for source of funds?
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    No, I did not. Only the FD certificate. Is there any way ?
  6. I got a query asking for the source of Fund. I don't know what to do. please Help me out if anybody knows anything about this,
  7. Why did this friend transfer the funds to you? Did they owe you money? Was this the result of a property sale? Something else?

    What exactly does the letter say?
  8. No there was no sale. I had asked him to give me money for the POF and he did it. There is no letter. It type mistake I wanted to say "If I got query"
  9. I don't know how you explain this. Maybe someone else can help?
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    If I Get Gift Deed Signed by him will it do?
  11. He also owed me money that I gave him one year ago. But that was cash so there is no record of it in the bank statement. so I don't know how to prove this.
  12. The best thing I can tell you is to submit a Webform attaching information on the source of the cash. For example, I had an Investment fund with around 15K, we transferred most of these to our joint account, so the monthly balance (avg.) was 1500K, but all of the sudden there are 20K in this account. So when we submitted AOR we added a LoE explaining where the money had come from and tha bank letter that said that I had that investment fund under my name. Additionally, I provided my checking account in POF with a letter of no objection for her to have access to this money.

    In your case 2 things can happen:
    1. They catch on this and nicely ask you ADR to prove the source
    2. They reject your application based on a non-justified, non-explainable source of high volume cash
    If you create a WebForm and submit and they haven't caught up on this, they may get the alarm that something is off, if not, the officer may have just gone over it and accepted it as ok.

    It will sound sketchy that your friend just gave you money, in this case, if you want to provide proof of this, he has to write a letter (notarized affidavit) in which he explains under the circumstances he is giving you this money and state that the money is yours to do as you please with it.
  13. I am planning to take gift deed affidavit from him. But there are people who tell me that gift deed will not be acceptable from a friend he or she has to be a blood relative. So I do not know under which circumstance I can ask him to write in the affidavit. Any circumstance will need proof.
  14. should I cancel/revoke my file and file again?
  15. Hello, I have a question, If my husband is not coming with me to Canada through EE, can I still prove the funds including his bank account?

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